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“He’s going to protect his family no matter what!” 

As big drama swirls around Young & Restless‘ Diane, Michael Mealor — who plays her son, Kyle — admits that his alter ego might be having a few regrets. “As an actor, I can’t help thinking there’s got to be some part of him that’s thinking, ‘Things might be a lot easier all around if you hadn’t come back.'”

Obviously, Kyle is thrilled to have his mother back in his life. “But he has to think that if she had just played by the rules when she was younger, maybe all of their lives would have been different. There’s always going to be that bit of resentment toward her for bringing this danger into their lives.”

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And that danger becomes even more obvious as Diane decides it’s time to return to Genoa City. Rather than continuing to hide out in the cabin, she’s come up with a plan that she believes will put an end to the threat that is Jeremy Stark. While the powerful man presents a threat to those Kyle loves, Mealor warns that, “He’s going to protect his family no matter what!”

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The other problem looming on the horizon hits much closer to home: His own wife’s mother is the one who brought all of this down upon them… and with an assist from his aunt Ashley, no less!

“Kyle at this point is so fed up with Phyllis. He’s always going to be in his mother’s corner. He gets to fight the battles for her that he never did before. So he’s looking at Phyllis and saying, ‘Why can’t you just control yourself and just be an adult?’ He doesn’t understand it.”

Although Mealor insists Kyle would never insist that Summer cut Phyllis out of her life, the fact that they aren’t necessarily on the same page is difficult. “There are some rocky roads ahead for them, which only amplifies his resentment toward Phyllis!”

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