Restless Rant
Week of January 18 -22:

Sitting down to consider this week’s Restless Rant, it occurred to me that I have the most bizarre love/hate relationship with Victor Newman. Upon his return, I quickly fell back into the familiar, feverish resentment of his arrogant, entitled behavior toward everyone, yet I also had this curiously satisfied feeling that everything is right with the world now that Victor is back at the helm in Genoa City! The bottom line is this – when there’s some SOB on Y&R that needs to be taken down, no one is more excited than me when The Mustache decides to take matters into this own hands. Victor is like the Ghostbusters of The Young and the Restless – who ya’ gonna’ call?! Anyway, the show was pretty darn good this week! Here’s what caught my notice:

Will the Real Phyllis Please Stand Up: Thankfully Phyllis gave Billy some inside information at the beginning of the week, and taunted Adam at the family dinner, otherwise she’d be nearly unrecognizable! Who is this person who tells Nikki what she thinks of Victor, but doesn’t make a peep when he appears? Who is this dull housewife-type haranguing Nick for days on end about getting a place of their own? The ‘Real Phyllis’ would have already bought the house, had Summer’s bedroom decorated, boxed up Thick Nick’s skivvies, and phoned him at the office with his new address!

2 + 2 = ?: Methinks it’s going to be a long wait for justice if we’re depending on Sharon and Ashley to solve the case of the switched babies! Talk about rose-colored glasses! I’m at the point where I groan out loud whenever the writers have Adam do some new, ridiculous thing to make him look good. Giving girl advice to Noah – really? On bended knee in Fenmore’s – give me a break! The good news is that it’s actually gotten to the point where it’s somewhat comedic. If the writers want to redeem the character fine, but I want the baby switch righted first – and justice for people like Estella – preferably courtesy of Victor!

Nashley: Here’s the chemistry update on Neil and Ashley – I definitely felt some heat between these two when Ashley moved in close to Neil and was flirting outrageously, but the kissing wasn’t off the charts – it had a slightly forced or awkward quality to it. Not to mention, if all they’re going to do is discuss Neil’s problems, they’re going to be nothing but a yawn. Be sure to let know what you think of this pairing in our Y&R weekly poll!

Peace: So glad that Neil made peace with Malcolm by week’s end (again) – anyone think Neil’s improved outlook has anything to do with Ashley being hot for him? Just wondering… In any case, I found myself taking Malcolm’s side after Neil ruined his engagement announcement – enough is enough – deal with your issues!

Katherine’s Kin: There were some great family moments this week as Katherine’s loved ones rallied around her – I’m a sucker for that stuff. However, I was disappointed at the turn taken at the end of the week when Jill overheard Katherine tell Nikki she wished she had been her daughter, and Jill rushed off and wound up in Tucker’s arms – where Katherine found her and flipped out of course. My issue – can’t they write something else for Katherine and Jill besides these infernal, manufactured conflicts? What is this – misunderstanding #745 between Jill and Katherine? It just feels repetitive…

Jill/Tucker: The chemistry is so good between Tucker and Jill, that I can’t imagine what it will be like adjusting to Stephen Nichols being thrust suddenly into the part. Stephen will be great with the ruthless, smirky, businessman part of the role, but who knows if he’ll share the same heat with Jill…