Sally is pregnant YR
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The holidays bring some couples together and tear others apart.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of December 26 – 30, Phyllis, Danny and Daniel celebrate together. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

It’s been no secret that since returning to Genoa City that Tucker’s been after Ashley. As Jack warned her, he’s had his eye on Jabot as well. But Ashley’s been more focused on getting Diane out of their lives than anything. Well, now she appears to be falling for Tucker’s charms. Next week, Tucker says to Ashley, “We could have this great new company, work side-by-side with each other… that’s my dream come true.” Ashley smiles and lets him kiss her. Is she really falling for him, or is she playing him?

With Danny back in town, Phyllis might soon forget all about Jack and Diane. At Noah’s club, Phyllis, Danny, and Daniel take a selfie while saying, “Rock star!”

Lily and Billy’s relationship has been in turmoil for months now. Billy didn’t feel his place was as COO of Chancellor-Winters and found his calling for a while in podcasting. Later he turned his fixation toward Chelsea, helping to pull her out of her depression. Lily feels Billy is looking for any and every excuse to not focus on finding his own passion. Coming up, Billy says to Lily, “I’m worried about us, Lily.” She replies, “Me too.”

After Adam dumped Sally, in part so that she could stay on at Newman Media without him, Sally found a bond with his brother Nick. Nick became her biggest champion at Newman Media, but then he was forced to fire her per Victoria’s orders. He nevertheless still believed in her, even offering to give her and Chloe a loan to start their own company. While they became romantically involved, Adam swooped in to try and win Sally back. Sally felt she owed it to Adam and herself to see if there was anything left to salvage between them, but there wasn’t. Next week, Chloe says to Sally, “You’re really not feeling well. Wait, Sally… is there a possibility you might be..?” If Sally’s pregnant, which Newman brother is the proud papa?

Read the Young & Restless spoilers to find out what Victor’s strategizing over.

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