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Credit: Paul Skipper/JPI

“Are you ready to rock on?”

Ever since the news dropped that Michael Damian was bringing Danny back to Genoa City fans have been waiting patiently for one of The Young and the Restless’ most beloved characters to hit the scene once again. Well, you only have one more day until the big comeback happens and to add to the excitement, Michael Damian has delivered a little blast from the past in the form of “Danny Romalotti’s greatest hits.”

The actor shared a video on Instagram and teased, “Are you ready to rock on?” The post featured five memorable scenes that can easily be connected to familiar songs — and one left his character seeing red, literally!

In the first, Danny and Traci performed a duet to Peabo Bryson’s 1984 hit “If Ever You’re In My Arms Again.” However, it’s the second flashback that had Damian playing off of a few popular songs about “seeing red.” Danny had been fuming when Phyllis showed up at his father’s funeral to “pay her last respects” and he dragged her out of there, in a rage, by the arm.

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Or, how about the time when Danny brought Cricket “home for the holidays” to his apartment, which was an appropriate song to include for the season.

Then there was the time when they got hitched in Hawaii — the big “Hawaiian Hitch” — when Scott walked Cricket down the aisle to her husband-to-be. And years later, when Danny revealed to Christine that he always wanted to be with her, she believed that maybe they had missed their chance. But Danny assured her that he would have shown her the time of her life.

So, how was it for Damian to return after all of these years? “It’s amazingly easy to step back into Danny’s shoes, because the character is so close to my heart,” he shared with Soaps.com. “And one of the great things is that the characters Bill Bell created, the ones who are still around today, the audience knows who they are and understands them. They’ve watched them become who they are.”

And much like flashing back to some of the scenes in his Instagram post, there will be more to come during the holiday as he stated, “The flashbacks are a nice treat in that they help new viewers figure out the connections, but they also show that even all this time later, they’re still at heart the same people. They’ve gone through things and changed, like all of us, but at the core, they’re the same.”

Now that we’ve seen a cute take on some of “Danny’s greatest hits,” look back with us at his life — and loves — in Genoa City over the years by browsing through our photo gallery below.