Y&R year review mashup
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Genoa City had a year chock full of twists, turns… and hot hook-ups!

Young & Restless kicked off 2022 with drama as Devon decided to pursue partial custody of Dominic, much to Abby’s chagrin. Instead of a full-blown battle, however, the matter was resolved amicably as Chance convinced Abby to share the boy with his biological father. By year’s end, Abby and Devon had hooked up and were caught by their significant others in a gasp-worthy twist.

This was also the year Adam and Sally fell deeply in love, only for one of the Black Sheep’s signature missteps to scuttle the relationship. Sally fell into the arms — and bed — of, who else, but his brother, Nick, and then back into bed with Adam as she tried to make up her mind once and for all. Thus we ended the year speculating if Sally will reveal she’s pregnant in a classic ‘Who’s the Daddy?’ storyline.

Speaking of tangled romances, Victoria and Ashland’s certainly qualified. After exposing her husband’s lie about having terminal cancer, it was all downhill from there for Locke, who wound up dead in his ex’s living room. We did get a bit of a mystery out of it, however, as his body disappeared from the scene and turned up behind the wheel of his rental car at the bottom of a ravine. Victor, of course, was behind the shifty turn of events.

We also lost another character; a police officer and Sharon’s husband, Rey Rosales, who suffered a heart attack whilst driving from home to Crimson Lights. While his wife was devastated, Chelsea, who had been waiting for him that night to take her and Connor to a hockey game in Chicago, was profoundly affected as well. After developing an unlikely friendship, she had begun to fall for the cop, and his death was a catalyst for a deep depression that led her to the brink of suicide.

The Winters family had a tumultuous year full of ups and downs as Devon and Lily merged their businesses only for Nate to conspire with Victoria to try and steal it out from under them. Nate lost Elena for a time, ended up working for the Newmans, and continued to butt heads with Devon, who endeavored to hide his cheating scandal from his inquisitive cousin.

In happier news, Mariah and Tessa finally tied the knot in a loved-up 70s-themed wedding ceremony and Kyle got his mother back. Yes, Diane Jenkins returned from the dead… with Jack’s granddaughter Allie (daughter of the deceased Keemo) in tow. The newest Abbott struck up a romance with Noah Newman and saved him from pining over his lost love Audra (who later turned up) and his sister’s wife.

Diane’s return caused loads of upheaval in Genoa City as Phyllis, Nikki, and Ashley teamed up to get rid of her, and another blast from the past followed — Tucker McCall.

Claiming he wanted to win Ashley back, McCall was, and is, up to no good and has been pot-stirring and plotting business takeovers galore.

Finally, among the best surprises Young & Restless sprung on the audience as it marked its 50th incredible year, was the return of Daniel Romalotti and his rocker dad, Danny. We can’t wait to see what the new year brings for these two!

Take a look back over Young & Restless 2022 in photos in the gallery below.