Susan walters and christian jules leblanc mashup jpi yr
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI (2)

It’s like the two stepped right out of a fairytale! 

Well this was unexpected. We know Diane’s been hiding out from Jeremy Stark at the cabin on The Young and the Restless, but we didn’t realize that it was located in an enchanted forest!

OK, fine, maybe her laying low isn’t quite that magical, but the evening Susan Walters shared with her daughter, Savannah and Christian Jules LeBlanc (Michael) certainly was!

The trio headed out to Descanso Gardens, a botanical wonderland outside of Los Angeles to take in their holiday spectacular, The Enchanted Forest of Light. We’re pretty sure the name alone gives you all the description you could need, but luckily Walters had plenty of photos to share from their “enchanting” journey!

Take a look below!

LeBlanc shared a number of joyful photos himself over on his Instagram stories, posting everything from laughing uncontrollably with Walters to making spooky faces as the trio were awash in green light. He couldn’t help but gush over “The awesome Descanso Gardens,” and at the end of the photopalooza, he was so overcome with joy, the actor wished viewers a “happy everything!”

In fact, after sharing the laughing photo on his stories, he made sure it became an actual post too! (Somehow managing to set off a debate on the difference between It and Thing? It’ll make sense after you read the caption.)

Me,” he wrote, “Susan and Hand (Thing T. Thing) from The Addams Family… overwhelmed by the magic of Descanso Gardens!”

Well, we were thinking the gardens looked like an amazing place to visit, but now we just want to hang out with Walters and LeBlanc! Heck, it can just be at the local 7-Eleven — those two look like fun no matter where they are!

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