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They may need a Christmas miracle to get her out of this one…

Viewers are aware that Diane is currently hiding out in the Abbott cabin in an attempt to keep her safe from Jeremy, who was made to believe that she simply left Genoa City to get away. Even though we don’t know the man all that well, one thing is very clear… He’s not stupid and likely knows a con when he sees one.

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Michael Mealor, who plays Diane’s son Kyle, previewed what’s ahead for the family this holiday season and revealed a major snag in their Christmas plans. Kyle himself drove his mother up to the cabin and got her all settled in safely — and knowing she was going to be alone for holidays is heartbreaking. Therefore, he and Jack plan for the family to spend Christmas together at the cabin and come up with a plot to divert Stark’s attention in order to make it happen.

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Though Kyle, Summer and Harrison manage to make their way out of Genoa City unseen, they simply told their son that they were going on a Christmas adventure for fear that Harrison would accidently reveal their real plans to be with Didi to Ashley, Phyllis and Nikki. It isn’t until they reach the cabin when the couple fills Harrison in on how busy his grandma has been helping Santa.

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However, their excitement is soon replaced with horror when they open the cabin door and find Diane missing. “Nothing seems disturbed but the fact remains, the place appears empty,” Mealor stated. “Diane has no car so she wasn’t able to leave, and now Kyle is getting nervous that someone got to the cabin before them.”

And Kyle’s first thought will be much like viewers’… “Did [Jeremy] show up and do something with Diane?”

Stay tuned!

While we wait to see what, if anything, has happened to Diane, join us as we take a real-life look at some of the soap stars and their kids in our photo gallery below.