Danny Romolatti returns
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Nikki has big hopes for Nick’s future at Newman.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of December 19 – 23, why does ‘Teriah’s’ big news seem to have Mariah worried? Read what happens and watch the preview below.

With Victoria out of town, Nick stepped up to aid Nikki out at Newman Enterprises helping to fill his sister’s shoes. Nikki admitted one day she’d love to see him take over her COO position. However, both she and Victor had issues with his relationship with Sally, which could further strain things with Adam, who has already distanced himself from the family. It seems as if Vikki of all people is trying to reunite Adam with his family. Coming up,  Victor tells Nikki, “That’s up to Adam, you know. He’s the one who turned his back on us. If he wants to be back in the fold, then let him make the move.”

Tessa and Mariah revealed their big plans to have a child of their own at their wedding, but progress on the baby front has been slow-moving. In a preview to come, Tessa informs Sharon, “Well, we’re meeting with a pregnant woman after New Year’s to discuss the possibility of adoption.” Sharon says that’s amazing, so why is it that Mariah looks perturbed?

Since returning to town, Daniel wasted no time in making a business pitch to Lily and Devon, which involved expanding their company into gaming. He later hinted about it to Billy and let him know it’s a platform aimed at helping other people, which naturally piqued Billy’s interest given his recent podcast and dealings with Chelsea. Later, Devon gave him the good news that his project had the green light. And when Summer fired their mother Phyllis over Diane-gate, Daniel was quick to suggest his mother come work with him. Next week the family reunions continue as  Daniel opens his door to Danny. “Dad!” Danny says, “Merry Christmas, son,” and they embrace. Seeing as Jack’s given Phyllis the boot from his life personally and professionally, could a bigger reunion be in the works?

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