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If the actors have their way, the new year will start off on the wrong foot.

When most people make up their Christmas wish lists, on them go things like a new videogame console, that pair of shoes they’ve had their eye on, a moment’s peace. But Young & Restless co-stars Joshua Morrow and Rory Gibson are not most people. What they’re hoping for — at least on screen — is trouble, and lots of it!

“I want to see Noah go into kind of a chaotic place,” his portrayer tells Soaps Opera Digest. “I really want to dive into that. I’ve always enjoyed playing unhinged characters that are dealing with their own stuff, and I would like to see Noah fall off the deep end a little bit.”

Noah dream Y&R

Dark days could be ahead. More lamps might help.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

If he did, it would provide rich storyline not only for Gibson but Morrow. “Having Nick see his son in this disturbed state would be really unsettling for him,” Gibson suggests. “I think Nick would be one of the few people that could actually pull Noah out of that dark spot.”

Morrow is all for the twist of plot — but not because he wants to see Noah suffer. “We have barely scratched the surface of what Rory can do,” says the daytime vet. “I want the show to push this guy, and I know he’s up to that challenge.”

If that means that Morrow is more of a supporting player in the storyline, that’s fine by him. In his nearly 30 years in Genoa City, “I’ve run the gamut of everything that you need to accomplish,” he says. “It’s Rory’s time.”

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