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Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

“I’m still reminded of all the amazing stories that I was part of.”

When it comes to the daytime world, viewers are used to two kinds of actors. There are those who stop by for a bit before heading on to other projects and those who find a home in soaps and spend their lives devoted to the genre. And The Young and the Restless‘ incredibly grateful Jason Thompson just reminded us that he’s definitely one of the latter.

Has it really been seven years since he stepped into Billy’s shoes? Apparently so! But it’s also been a stunning 17 years since he began his daytime career.

After seeing a post on social media marking the 17th anniversary of his debut as Dr. Patrick Drake over on General Hospital, the actor shared a video on Instagram letting fans know that he, too, was amazed by this — and he couldn’t have done it without them.

“17 years ago,” he told his fans, “Dr. Drake made his arrival at General Hospital where Jason Thompson stepped on the set of that incredible show. And I am just reminded of how grateful I am that I am still working in this genre.”

“I spent 10 years at General Hospital,” he added, “and it was amazing. And I still talk to people there, I’m still reminded of all the amazing stories that I was a part of. And for the last seven years, I’ve been with an amazing group of people over at The Young and the Restless on CBS, and I’m just so, so lucky. Most of that goes back to the fans. Thank you so much to all the fans of daytime. My heart goes out to you. I would not be here if it wasn’t for you. So thank you for this. Here’s to another 17 more years!”

Hey, we’ll take that and double it if he’s up for the challenge of another 30 years! And we’re pretty sure the fans feel the same.

But the really beautiful part of the post is how much love he got from his current and former co-stars. Take a look below after you check out his video.

“Love this,” Days of Our Lives’ Brandon Barash (Stefan), who played mobster Johnny over on General Hospital, wrote. “Perfectly said and expressed.”

“Thanks, buddy,” Thompson replied. “Miss you! Hope you’re great.”

Then there was everyone he learned from back in his earliest days of General Hospital.

“We are so lucky to have you,” his Port Charles love Kimberly McCullough (ex-Robin) exclaimed. “I’ll never forget that day.”

“My teacher,” Thompson wrote back to the actress who had first started in daytime when she was still a child. “Thank you.”

And when his former TV daughter, Brooklyn Rae Silzer (ex-Emma), let him know how lucky she was “to have learned everything from you. Thank you for always taking the best care of me. Miss you,” Thompson let her know that he learned just as much from her.

Then there was the General Hospital legend himself, Maurice Benard (Sonny).

“Very well said, my friend,” he wrote.

Thompson’s reply?

“Still stealing from you Mo.”

In the end, the grateful actor had nothing but love for everyone, from General Hospital’s Finola Hughes (Anna) to Young & Restless’ Lauralee Bell (Christine) and Courtney Hope (Sally). And also, of course, for his fans.

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