Adam Sally Nick mashup Y&R

This Young & Restless story is ripe for the picking.

Just when you thought Sally Spectra’s man drama had been sorted and things were on a more even keel, the going could get tougher than ever for the Young & Restless trio.

Sally took a final romp with the man she loves — Adam Newman — only to decide immediately afterward that they can’t be together anymore. Apparently, she had to know for sure, and the only way to accomplish that was a love-making test run.

As Adam later explained to Chance, when they tried to reconnect it was “different”, so that, as they say, was that.

Sally and Adam shared a soul-crushing goodbye, the end of which was witnessed by her new man and his half-brother, Nick.

Nick’s initial reaction to coming upon the scene was to turn around and leave, presuming that Sally having sex with Adam meant they were back together. Sally confessed to hitting the sheets with her ex — she could hardly deny it given the state of the bed — but told Nick that it was over for her and Adam and she wanted to date him instead.

Nick took this in stride and suggested they both take some space to consider what they want moving forward.

Young & Restless viewers knew it was only a matter of time before Nick would agree to date Sally again. And it was a very short time indeed as he and the redhead hit the sheets within days of deciding to “take it slow”.

It doesn’t take a soap expert to pick up on the possible ramifications of such a quick, erm, turnaround where Sally’s men are concerned — the character has had “relations” with both Adam and Nick in the space of a week or so.

Yup, it’s the kind of love in the afternoon that can draw criticism of the characters involved, not to mention make it tough to pin down certain things after the fact…

Like, due dates.

Nick and Sally were together before she and Adam romped and then landed back in bed together quickly, so fans immediately began to question if Young & Restless was planning to do a ‘Who’s the Daddy?’ storyline.

Of course, Adam has been through that type of situation before, when Chelsea tried to pass off her baby as Dylan McAvoy’s after deciding she could no longer be with him, only to have Connor’s true paternity exposed after the fact.

Might we be getting a re-do of that storyline? With Sally telling Adam she’s pregnant with Nick’s baby to keep him at arm’s length?

Given that both men are aware that Sally has slept with the other, they’d presumably want to know the child’s paternity as soon as possible.

In the meantime, it would undoubtedly change dynamics. Any chance that Sally could be carrying Adam’s child would not only affect her relationship with Nick but would put a new twist on things moving forward, especially with Adam gravitating back toward Chelsea. Not to mention what Sally’s detractors would have to say about the predicament.

Yup, Sally revealing that she’s pregnant at any point in the near future would upset the whole Newman family apple cart — and have gums flapping all over Genoa City — particularly if word got out that she doesn’t know if it’s Adam or Nick’s baby.

What say you? Are you ready for a redheaded Spectra baby? Would you want Sally’s baby to be Adam’s or Nick’s? Let us know in the comment section below!

Take a look back over Adam and Sally’s love story in the gallery below.