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Who remembers the peanut cookie incident of ’09?.

Young & Restless’ Summer Newman (Allison Lanier) is currently embroiled in a volatile situation involving her mother-in-law Diane and her mother Phyllis, who wants to run the former out of town. It’s nothing new for the character, who has experienced drama her entire life… even back when a young Samantha Bailey was playing the role.

Who could ever forget the peanut cookie drama of ’09 when Victor’s machinations brought Patty Williams back to town to get revenge on Jack, only for his granddaughter to become collateral damage? Patty had plastic surgery (funded by The Mustache) and went by the name Mary Jane Benson. She was obsessed with Jack and after learning he was having sex with Phyllis, Patty ate a cookie containing peanuts and kissed Phyllis’ daughter Summer, knowing she had a serious nut allergy.

It was a scary time, as the incident landed Summer in the hospital, but thankfully didn’t prove fatal. And, hmm, it’s a timely memory considering Victor is presently trying to vilify Sally Spectra for her past.
Nick Phyllis Summer hospital Y&R

Anyway, the cutie patootie who played Summer back in the day was none other than Samantha Bailey, who is still an actress, model, and now, an official Nascar trophy girl.

All grown up, the beautiful blonde Young & Restless alum is dating 24-year-old British F3 race car driver Carter Williams and the adorable duo recently took time out to go on a quick Cabo cruise. She shared photos of them in front of a Christmas tree in keeping with the holiday theme.

In another shot from the cruise up the coast, Bailey and Williams reported that it was “sunny in Cabo”.

Since we know Bailey’s an official Nascar trophy girl, we had to include photos of her on the job. Use the arrow to click through the series of shots below that show her with well-known drivers such as Kevin Harvick, Martin Truex Jr, and Kyle Busch on race day.

It’s hard to believe that the little girl who played our young Summer from 2009 – 2012 just celebrated her 21st birthday! On the occasion, she shared a very sweet clip.

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