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The word “Awww!” doesn’t even begin to cover our reaction. Wait, is “Awww!” even a word? Regardless.

Not sure if one passes out cigars or chew toys on the occasion of adopting a dog, but over the weekend, The Young and the Restless’ Mark Grossman must have found out because he added to his household a pre-paws-terously adorable four-legged family member.

On November 4, the actor shared via an Instagram story a first photo of “my new baby boy,” who looks to be a German shepherd/pitbull mix. Whatever the pup is, he’s a cutie — with an expression that says, “How much longer is this going to take? I have sticks to fetch and squirrels to bark at!”

That face — come on!

Credit: Instagram/mgrossman18

No doubt, Grossman is delighted to have a furry friend with whom to chill out after work, considering the drama that’s been following Adam around like a cloud of dust does Peanuts’ Pigpen. The black sheep of the Newman family remains as enamored as ever with lost love Sally, despite her just giving him his walking papers again amid her involvement with his half-brother Nick.

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To say that it’s complicated might just be the understatement of the… um… millennium. Making the wicket even stickier is the fact that this isn’t the first or even the second time that Adam and his half-brother have clashed over a woman. First, Sharon was at the center of their discord. Then, there was Sage. And Chelsea.

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