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It’s clear to us the path that he should be sent down in the wake of his breakup with Amanda.

The Young and the Restless’ Devon has landed at a crossroads — in other words, the perfect place to stop and take stock. It would be tempting, of course, to chalk it up his betrayal of Amanda as a one-off, an act of unfaithfulness that was out of character. Except, Devon would have to realize upon reflection, it wasn’t a one-off.

If you look back at his history, you’ll see that Devon has tended to be as naughty as nice in relationships. He two-timed girlfriend Roxanne with Tyra, the vixen with whom dad Neil cheated on then-wife Karen. After Neil married Hilary, Devon carried on with her behind his father’s back. And heck, this isn’t even the first time that Devon has cheated on Amanda — he did it with Elena, too. So his next move is obvious.

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The Bedroom Door Is Open

Devon, concluding that he is incapable of love and monogamy, would swear off the real thing and become Genoa City’s biggest playboy, sleeping his way up one side of town and down the other. It would be sorta sad for him, but how much fun would it be for viewers? We haven’t had a card-carrying lothario on the canvas since, what, Snapper or the O.G. Jack?

Naturally, Devon would be kidding himself if he thought that he could avoid Cupid’s arrow. In time, though, he’d take on a confidante — Audra, perhaps. He’d continue tearing up the sheets with different women, all the while slowly developing real feelings for the one person who is challenging him to question his behavior.

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Just When He Least Suspected It…

Only when Audra gets involved with someone — say, old flame Noah — does Devon have that “Whoops, I could’ve had a V-8!” and see what was in front of his eyes all this time: He had fallen for Audra. And unless he’s badly mistaken, she’s got feelings for him, too.

Racing against time, Devon speeds to the airport to keep Audra from running away for a romantic weekend with Noah. Would Devon be too late? And even if he wasn’t, would he be able to persuade Audra to believe that she’s the one who inspired him to turn his love life around?

We’d be there in a heartbeat to find out. In the meantime, check out photos that tell Devon’s whole life story below.