Hunter King Dog mistletoe a royal corgi christmas
Credit: MARTIN MAGUIRE/Hallmark

“There was definitely some tea I was not aware of!” 

Hunter King broke one of Hollywood’s golden rules about never starring in a movie with kids or animals… but rules are meant to be broken. The Young and the Restless alum has some adorable — and very furry — co-stars in the upcoming Hallmark holiday movie, A Royal Corgi Christmas.

King plays a YouTube dog trainer who finds herself spending the holidays with the royal family after a new puppy in the palace, named Mistletoe, causes a bit of mischief. Given that the dog’s owner is a handsome prince, the movie is filled with romance, royalty and adorable, fuzzy faces.

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King told us that her lovable castmate sometimes caused “a little bit of chaos” before they would shoot a scene.  “They’re dogs. Like, what do you expect?” she laughed. “They’re perfectly imperfect.”

In preparing for the party, King basically took a course in Royalty 101. “I wasn’t well versed in” the drama that can be found in royal circles, she admitted. “But there was definitely some tea that I was not aware of, let’s just put it that way!”

Did she walk away with any tips she might incorporate into her daily life? “Maybe I won’t wear as many sweatpants,” revealing that she — like us — was wearing exactly that during the interview.

A Royal Corgi Christmas premieres on Friday, Nov. 25 at 8/7c on the Hallmark Channel. And since that’s sure to leave us all feeling romantic, why not flash back to the unforgettable Kyle/Summer romance that King got to be part of during her time in Genoa City!