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Which lady will win the brooding cop’s heart?

After a shocking twist, Young & Restless appears to be making haste to leave Abby and Chance’s fairytale romance in the rearview. What does it mean for the characters?

Well, Abby and Devon are still reeling after their lust-filled romp through his penthouse, being caught in the act, and their respective break-ups. We get it, it’s a lot. Devon is haunting the bars of Genoa City after his inability to convince Amanda to stay on in his life or at Chancellor-Winters, and Abby was last seen crying on her mother’s shoulder.

Ashley was clearly taken (very far) aback to hear that her daughter had cheated on Chance with her bestie, but covered it well. She did warn Abby that her relationship with Devon would have to change if she intended to give it another shot with Chance… but will her husband want to try after what went down?
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It sounded like Chance was washing his hands of the matter. He appears to have made up his mind that Abby belongs with Devon, and that may well be how this ends up — with Abby and Dom moving into the penthouse with Devon and playing happy families.
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So, where will that leave Chance? Married to his job seems to be the obvious answer… but there must be a lovely lady in Genoa City who can handle the unpredictability and long hours of a cop.

As it turns out, we can think of one right off the top of our heads — Sharon — who was married to Chance’s late partner, Rey Rosales.

Chance has been there for Rey’s widow, checking in on her and gratefully accepting her coffee and pastries on those long stake-out nights (and while avoiding going home to Abby), but could it lead to romance?
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It’s too early to tell which way the writers are going with Chance next, but Abby’s portrayer, Melissa Ordway, just shared a cute photo from behind the scenes that might give us a teeny tiny hint.

The shot is of Ordway, Connor Floyd, and Sharon Case, aka, Abby, Chance, and Sharon on Young & Restless. She dubbed them the “Crimson Lights Crew” but we can’t help but wonder if this is also a tease as to his character’s next love interest.

Of course, Chance had been helping Chelsea too; offering up kind advice, and on one occasion, with a ride home when she was tipsy. There are other Genoa City ladies who are, or may soon be, single and ready to mingle. Which one will become the broody cop’s next love interest?

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Check out Chance’s potential new love interests in the photo gallery below and let us know your choice in the comment section.