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Does Mark Grossman have a fan or foe in his on-screen bro?

Chalk up the animosity we witness almost on the daily between Nick and Adam on The Young and the Restless to the talents of Joshua Morrow and Mark Grossman. Off camera, the castmates get along swimmingly. In fact, Grossman has duly impressed the soap vet.

“He really takes his work seriously,” Morrow tells Soap Opera Digest. “I admire him for really caring about it and wanting every note and every beat to be spot-on and authentic. I really respect how much he wants to do a good job.”

In fact, it’s a testament to just how good a job Grossman does that he’s been able to redirect Adam from the trajectory set forth by his predecessors in the role. “He’s really taken a completely different path with the character, and my greatest compliment to him is that I now can’t imagine anyone else doing Adam,” says Morrow. “Grossman plays Adam as a searcher, somebody trying to find his footing.”

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Agreed. Grossman is a knockout in the role.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Which obviously ain’t easy among the Newmans, who tend to be as quick to stab one another in the back as pull them in for a hug. Then again, Grossman really nails that element of Adam, too. “He’s got this mischievous glint to his eye, so he’s very Newman,” Morrow says. “He’s kind of a scoundrel under that armor that he wears of being the black sheep… He’s very watchable.”

That, he is. Climb the branches of the Newman family tree with the below photo album that reviews who’s who and how they are all related.