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He hopes that before it’s all over, the show makes it “as messy and complicated and painful as possible.”

The Young and the Restless’ Joshua Morrow isn’t just stoked that Nick has himself a new love interest, he’s stoked that his character has landed in a new love triangle, too. “I thought that our show needed another really strong [one],” he tells Soap Opera Digest. “So if this is done properly, and the writers and production trust me and [my castmates] enough to give us the right amount of leeway to tell it, this could be a great story.”

Michelle Stafford, Joshua Morrow "The Young and the Restless" phyllis nick about to kiss am

Morrow is something of an expert on triangles, what with having been at the center of one of the daytime drama’s most popular ones ever: Sharon/Nick/Phyllis. “It was just a circus of emotions, and up and down, and the struggle and the sexiness,” he recalls, adding that he knows Courtney Hope is up to the task at hand. “It’s a chance for [her] to show off some fireworks.”

Though Morrow has no desire to hurry the storyline along — in fact, he hopes the powers that be “take their time… and make it as messy and complicated and painful as possible” — he can already predict its outcome. “I don’t for one second believe that Nick and Sally have this incredible love story ahead of them,” he says, “because I watch Adam and Sally together, and I get it. They’ve got a great connection…

“My job as Nick,” he concludes, “is to make this decision as hard for Sally as possible.”

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