Credit: Bjoern Kommerell

Girls just wanna have fun!

Summer who? As close as Phyllis and her daughter are on The Young and the Restless, somehow, we don’t really see them as the cutting loose, concert-goer types. Michelle Stafford and real-life daughter Natalia on the other hand… Well, those two definitely know how to have a good time!

That much was evident when Stafford shared an Instagram post full of photos, videos and good vibes from their “Harry Styles night!”

“We had so much fun,” Stafford wrote. “My daughter was still somewhat cool being with her mom… Even though she said I was doing the “mom dance”. We love Harry!! Thank you, Harry, for another badass night!”

Stafford’s daughter definitely has that “somewhat cool” bemused look down pat that we can’t help but imagine her also giving Stafford as she broke out that “mom dance.” With that said, it’s clear she had a blast with mom as they were both dancing, singing and having a downright incredible night together at the concert!

Flip on through the post to check out all their great moments!

From the comments, it sounds like these two were far from the only mother/daughter duos at the concert as mom fans of both Stafford and Harry Styles chimed in about getting to share such a great experience with their kids! Of course, not everyone reacted quite that way.

Some folks were even a bit incredulous over Stafford’s post — though for an absolutely adorable reason!

“Who is that next to you,” Doug Davidson (ex-Paul) responded. “That’s ridiculous. Where is the stroller?? Seriously!!”

Yeah, they really do grow up too fast. One day, you’re pushing them around in a stroller, the next you’re both belting out Harry Styles’ “Treat People With Kindness” together having the time of your life.

Sometimes, life is just good.

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