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“Anybody can have sex on the couch!”

Abby and Devon’s hookup may have come as a shock to Young & Restless viewers, but portrayers Melissa Ordway and Bryton James have been anticipating it for a decade. “I’m pretty sure I manifested this,” she laughs, “because I’ve been putting it out in the universe for years that I wanted to work more with Bryton!”

In fact, when headwriter/co-executive producer Josh Griffith clued Ordway in to what was coming up, she was skeptical. “I didn’t believe him, because I’d been asking for this to happen for so long,” she told us. “But then I saw it in the script and was like, ‘Oh, this time it’s for real!'”

James, too, was surprised… despite having almost gone this road before. “They played with the idea of Abby and Devon a little bit back when he was with Roxanne,” he reminds us. “But then that got squashed for whatever reason.”

Although neither character really understood how they wound up sleeping together, their portrayers agree it made perfect sense. “There’s been a subconscious attraction between them for years,” points out James.

What may have viewers a bit off guard was just how… er, acrobatic the sex was. “I think we just wanted to do something different and a little bit shocking,” grins Ordway. “Anybody can have sex on the couch. So many soap characters do that! But this showed there were a lot of pent up things going on.

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“I got a lot of messages from people who were shocked,” Ordway admits. “We kind of did it everywhere in that apartment!”

“I’m just grateful that Sally McDonald, who directed that day, let us go for it and have fun,” adds James.

Now that the lines have been crossed (and re-crossed), the big question is whether or not Devon and Abby might become more than a one-night stand. “I don’t know what’s going to happen,” muses Ordway, “because at this point, they’re both still trying to figure out how it happened and what it means.”

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“What’s interesting for me is the possibilities this opens up,” concludes James. “There’s always been something between Abby and Devon. They’ve been best friends, so they understand each other in ways that other people in their lives don’t. Bonding over Dominick has only strengthened that. So I’m really excited to see where this goes!”

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