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The surprises and shocks just kept coming and viewers had a lot to say about it!

Young & Restless viewers who were expecting Abby and Devon’s transgression to stop at a passionate kiss were floored to tune back in the next day and see them all but swinging from the chandeliers as they romped all over his penthouse!

Fans were shocked — mostly in a good way — at the Young & Restless writers going there. We have to say, they really are pulling out all the stops for the 50th anniversary!

Even viewers who called out the cheating as morally wrong, and those who don’t like the idea of “Dabby” as a pairing, were willing to admit the sex scenes were scorching hot:

However, the nature of the scenes inspired some debate among fans:

The surprises kept coming as Devon and Abby didn’t leap off of each other post-coitus, and instead cuddled up so Abby could soak in the feeling of “being seen and cared for”. Amanda had already arrived outside the door, and despite a detour to Nate’s apartment (to defend Devon no less), she was back at the door ready to enter when Chance appeared. Oh, the timing! This made for big soapy drama when they entered the penthouse together only to find Abby and Devon with their bodies entwined on the sofa.

Though some argued the reveal came too soon:

The overall reaction to all of it, was surprised delight that Young & Restless writers had remembered how to write soapy drama:

Understandably, the encounter left fans of Abby and Devon’s long-standing friendship concerned about what the future may hold:

And anticipating the fallout:

What did you think about the wild twist with Devon and Abby? Have your say in the comment section.

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