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The heart may overrule the head… and leave Sally Spectra with a bad case of déjà vu.

As we previewed earlier this week, Sally had a choice to make, not only when it came to where she’d apply for a job, but who she’d be spending her time with after work.

We speculated that she might decide the Newman brothers are more trouble than they’re worth and elect to stay single, or that she’d choose Nick, as that would provide a good amount of drama moving forward, not only between the brothers but with his ex-wife Phyllis, who can’t stand the woman after she messed with Summer. We are in November Sweeps.

It appears we were correct. Sally thought it over and told Nick that Adam represents “conflict” and she doesn’t want that in her life anymore. They declared that they miss each other and the scenes ended with the assumption that she’d chosen Nick.

But that may not be the end of it. It was clear that Sally made this decision mostly with her head. Yep, it sounds good and looks good on paper… but there’s no accounting for the heart, which has a well-earned reputation for wanting what it wants.

As Sally was speaking to Nick, Adam was with Jack, a lothario if there ever was one, who was coaching him on how to win back the woman he loves “more than he ever thought he could love anyone.”

It was a huge signal that despite Sally’s resolve to leave him in the rearview, Adam still has a shot at convincing her to change her mind. In fact, he has an excellent chance — Sally’s a realist who came up through the school of hard knocks, but she’s also been known to go to downright terrifying lengths to follow her heart.
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Unfortunately, if Adam does convince Sally to give love a chance, it’s unlikely to be of the drama-free variety she’s looking for…

As viewers know (and Adam doesn’t), there’s a complicating factor that could come into play. He’s been worried about his ex-wife and the mother of his child, Chelsea. Little does Adam know she had a psychotic break and attempted suicide. No one will return his calls, and though he’s managed to hide it from Connor, who has begun asking questions about his mother, Adam’s been in a panic.

Thankfully, Chelsea is safely in a place where she can get the help she needs. But as she pointed out to a reluctant Billy, Connor and her ex need to know what is going on with her, and she wants to be the one to tell Adam.

This means that Adam will soon find out the gravity of what Chelsea’s dealing with, and while far from a perfect partner in the past, he’s bound to feel very protective. He does love her. He’ll want to be there for Chels, and may even be convinced to put their family back together for the holidays if that will help to make her feel supported and whole again.
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So, picture this: Sally, at long last, decides to let her heart overrule her head and gives Adam the second chance he’s been so desperately lobbying for, only for him to announce he’s putting his family with Chelsea back together.

Chelsea has been adamant that no one can be told what’s going on with her, so Adam will be unable to explain to Sally why he’s choosing Chelsea over her. She’ll be devastated all over again, and undoubtedly furious with herself for even considering taking him back. Adam will be gutted over hurting her anew, but unable to say anything to make it better.
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If it goes down this way, you can bet that Sally won’t be giving ‘Ally’ another shot for a very long time, if ever!

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