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“Stunned” may be the word of the day in Genoa City.

After Victoria fired her from Newman Media, Young & Restless’ Sally is once again at a crossroads in life where she needs to regroup, refocus and figure out her next steps. But her professional future isn’t the only thing up in the air…

We’re all but certain Sally will be hired by a competitor of Newman Enterprises, a scenario that could perfectly enable the redhead to get revenge on Victoria for firing her, even if it were to happen unintentionally. Find out how here.

Sally took the news that she’d been let go far better than some in Genoa City expected, and even turned down offers of help lining up another position from both Adam and Nick, determined to take her next step on her own. Admirable! She asked Nick for “space” while she figured it all out, but she’ll soon have to make a decision on her love life as well.
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The situation with Nick is delicate given that he was also her supervisor at Newman, in fact, he could have been opening himself and the company up to a lawsuit by dallying with his subordinate, but Sally believed he was sincere when he insisted that he did everything he could to talk Victoria out of replacing her with Nate Hastings. As viewers know, he’s wound up on the outs with both his sister and his father Victor over the move! Is he regretting returning to Newman Enterprises? Perhaps, but that’s a story for another time.

Adam tried to blame Nick for Sally’s ouster, which came as a particular slap in the face to him considering he cruelly dumped her in order to give her a shot at keeping the position and proving herself as a CEO. Adam still loves Sally, so it must feel like the whole painful mess was for naught now. At least she got the experience?!?
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As Adam is wont to do, he went over the top in trying to win her back, locking her out on the hotel roof so he could have his say over a champagne dinner for two. It almost seemed to be working but an off-the-cuff remark about Nick threw cold water on the heat that was reigniting between them.

Nick, meanwhile, has defended his relationship with Sally to his daughter, which was no small thing considering the redhead once conspired to run his daughter out of town to take her job… and the scheme worked. Yup, Summer’s glad they’re on a break. But will it last?
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We’ve known it was only a matter of time until Sally would have to choose between Adam and Nick, and a Young & Restless spoiler from SOD indicates that’s happening this week. What will her decision be?

She might just surprise the battling bros by choosing to be with… neither of them!

Imagine the stunned response if she informs them they’re just too much trouble and that she prefers to be on her own for the time being. Of course, she’d eventually end up with someone down the road, but it would be fun watching them both try to outdo each other and woo her as she brushes them off. It would definitely cause some havoc to have Adam and Nick competing for the same seemingly unattainable woman.
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More likely, however, is that she’ll choose Nick. Why? She and Adam just aren’t “there” yet despite still harboring feelings for one another, and there’s more drama in her electing to make it official with Nick… after all, Phyllis hasn’t found out yet! It also keeps the animosity going between the brothers for a while longer. We may even see Sharon get involved if she starts pining for her ex. Lotsa angles!

Sally’s Halloween scenes with Connor were so cute, however, that we can’t help but feel her story with Adam has more chapters in it. How can the writers not capitalize on that?!?

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Well, SOAPS readers, what’s your prediction? Will Sally choose Nick, Adam… or herself? Let us know in the comment section. But first…

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