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Join the CBS soap vet as she gives viewers a fun reminder of the past.

The Young and the Restless’ Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) geared up for “Nikki’s version” of the CBS soap’s Put a Finger Down game. Like most characters that have been around for a while, Nikki has had her fair share of ups and downs and the actress named off a fun few from her past that had her putting one finger down…

“Put a finger down if while working at a strip club you were introduced to a man who just happens to be a billionaire and he ended up being the love of your life, you married him, had two kids with him, broke up and got back together a few times and now you are the co-CEO of his empire,” Scott stated in one sentence then put only one finger down and smiled.

Technically, she could have broken that up and put at least six fingers down — or maybe more, as one Instagram follower implied in regards to the part about her and Victor having broken up and gotten back together a few times.

“A few times?” Glenn stated. “Liz Taylor couldn’t hold a candle to Nikki Newman.”

We have to agree.

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And Debbie Smith jumped in to express, “Beautiful! How does she stay so beautiful?”

Again, we agree!

What has been your favorite Nikki moment over the years? Feel free to reminisce with other fans in the comment section.

Though Nikki and Victor may not need any introductions in daytime, you can meet primetime’s Blue Bloods stars and their real-life partners in our photo gallery below.