Devon kisses Abby YR
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Adam opens up to Jack about his true feelings.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of November 7 – 11, Tucker tells Ashley what she needs to do. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Sally has found herself caught between brothers Nick and Adam recently. While she felt Adam’s renewed interest in her was only because she was seeing Nick, trouble arose between her and the latter when he was forced to fire her from Newman Media. Coming up, Adam opens up to Jack that he knows he hurt Sally and trying to fix that was a big mistake. Jack realizes Adam really loves Sally, and Adam tells him, “More than I ever thought I could love anybody.” Jack advises, “Find some way to let her know that.” Of course, the last time Adam tried, it backfired!

Diane has been a thorn in many people’s side since she returned to Genoa City, and Phyllis, Ashley and Nikki have been plotting to chase her out of town. Coming up, Tucker of all people may have the key to getting rid of Diane once and for all. He tells Ashley, “If you want to put the fear of God into Diane and drive her away from you and your family, that is how you do it.” What could Tucker be suggesting?

Finally, Abby and Chance’s relationship has been strained ever since he returned from the overseas mission that supposedly left him dead. Now he’s been throwing himself into work and been distant with Abby. Abby opens up to Devon, who tells her that Chance is a fool not to put her and Dominic first. What happens next? Well of course they passionately kiss! And since this is a soap, you know someone is bound to walk in on them.

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