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Smilin’ Jack may not be smilin’ for long.

The Young and the Restless’ Jack feels good about his decision to stick a fork in his relationship with Phyllis and call it done. Taking that step broke his heart, sure. But he couldn’t bear being with a Phyllis who hadn’t changed and seemed unable to. Cut to…

If Michael Damian’s Danny is the character whose return Michelle Stafford recently teased, Jack could suddenly regret his decision to hit the brakes on his reunion with Red. Danny and Phyllis have, let’s say, a complicated history, given that she took a wrecking ball to his marriage to Christine and passed off son Daniel as the rock star’s (when, in fact, they shared no DNA whatsoever). But the exes also have chemistry. Were it to flare up anew, Jack might come to realize that “Oops! I really [bleeped] that up!”

Michelle Stafford, Michael Damian "The Young and the Restless" Set CBS Television City Los Angeles 2/29/08 ©sean smith/ 310-657-9661

As history repeated itself, with Danny once again falling for Phyllis’ charms — and harboring no delusions that that particular cheetah could ever change her spots — Jack might be moved to issue apology after apology to the love of his life in hopes of making her a part of his future rather than the past. At that point, we’d pay top dollar to have Phyllis say to him, “You don’t actually want me, Jack. You want who I could be. Danny, as crazy as it sounds, likes who I am.”

Truth be told, we wouldn’t mind seeing this story play out with another character, too — Jeff Branson’s Ronan. Not only does he have deep ties to Genoa City, what with being Nina’s son and all, but Branson and Stafford were smokin’ together.


Any way you slice it, though, Jack is due to be made to regret cutting Diane more slack than he has the purported love of his life. Drop your thoughts in the comments, and while you’re here, review Danny Romalotti’s life story in the below photo gallery.