Alyvia Alyn Lind Y&R
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Working hard and reaping the rewards!

Young & Restless fans enjoyed Alyvia Alyn Lind on their screens as Faith Newman from the time she was just a tot and were sad to see her go when she made the decision to leave to pursue other opportunities. But it seems it was a lucrative move for the young actress…

Since she said goodbye to daytime a year and a half ago, Lind has become a gorgeous young woman as she flourishes in her new role, playing Lexy in Syfy’s Chucky — a series based on the creepy movies about a terrifying doll come to life.

Obviously, the mega-talented young actress is doing brilliantly on Chucky, which is now enjoying its second season on both Syfy and USA networks, but exactly how well financially is she doing?

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In a recent court filing, her contract came to light and TMZ reported that Lind, now 15-years-old, is making over half a million dollars per season. Her second season earnings ring up at $73,500 per episode, with a guarantee for at least 8 episodes.

Should Chucky be renewed for a third season, a 5% raise will kick in, which will net Lind $77,175 per episode.
Alyvia Alyn Lind in Chucky Y&R

Outside of working hard and reaping the rewards, Lind enjoyed a fun Halloween celebration in Vancouver, Canada with Disney/Paramount actors and pals Momona Tamada and Lyon Daniels, and lamented, “I was supposed to be a grandpa but my mustache fell off.”

The actress previously quipped, “Seeing double” as she posted a behind-the-scenes clip and photos from the set of Chucky, which included a look at their stunt doubles.

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