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Billy and Lilly’s relationship continues to face problems.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of October 31 – November 4, Abby is shocked at where she finds Chase. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Billy and Lilly’s relationship has faced some tests lately, what with Billy’s passion for podcasts and lackluster interest in Chancellor-Winters. And Chelsea’s troubles with Connor and Johnny aren’t helping much. During a night out with Lily, Billy can’t help but worry about Chelsea, who bolted out of the club. Lily on the other hand can’t help but be concerned that her partner is watching Chelsea rather than concentrating on her. If only Billy knew how much in pain Chelsea was, and that she headed to the rooftop looking to end her pain. Will Billy get to Chelsea in time? Or might Adam come to her rescue instead?

Chance surprised Abby with a night out at Noah’s club to show her how much she means to him, but they had to do it that night as he was headed to a stakeout tomorrow. She agreed in order to support Noah, and be close to her husband. So to say Abby’s a little surprised when she finds Chance hanging out at the coffee house instead of on his stakeout. He explains it finished early, and naturally, she wonders why he didn’t come home to her.

Devon remained extremely upset about Nate’s betrayal of Chancellor-Winters going public in an attempt to take over as CEO. He also was on edge over Nate accusing Devon of driving a wedge between them due to his unresolved feelings for Neil. So imagine Devon’s surprise when he finds Victoria and Nate at Society and Victoria names Nate the new CEO of Newman Media. To say Nate is stunned is an understatement! These two already competed over Elena, and now they will be competing in business.

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