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Young & Restless fans believe these two are dunzo.

Young & Restless’ Sally and Adam split, sending her into the arms of his brother Nick, and Elena just called it quits with Nate after he hatched a controversial plan that involved undermining his own family members, but if we’re correct, there is at least one other couple headed for Heartbreak Hotel before too long.

Amanda flew off to spend time with her ailing mother and hasn’t been tending to her relationship with Devon, and Abby and Chance have been experiencing tension in their marriage, but those are not the pairings we’re concerned about…at least not yet.

Kyle and Summer are off on their honeymoon and blissfully happy, but a looming crisis with Diane, who has been less than forthcoming about her time in Los Angeles, could soon put them at odds. It’s unlikely, however, as they’ve been brilliant at providing a united front thus far.

That leaves Lily and Billy, who had a somewhat heated and rather telling conversation on the heels of Billy stopping by Nate’s place.

Not having left his position as Lily’s right-hand yet, and also as her boyfriend, Billy undoubtedly felt he was doing the right thing by paying Nate a visit and encouraging him to make things right after confessing to conspiring with an unnamed CEO who wanted to buy a majority stake in Chancellor-Winters when it goes public.

Billy told Nate that it wasn’t too late to reconcile with his cousins and that the way forward was through Devon. Although this did lead to Nate meeting with Devon and doling out a genuine apology, with the pair being bluntly honest about their issues, Lily was none too pleased when Billy told her he had intervened.

The CEO was beyond irritated by Billy inserting himself into the drama, despite him being her live-in love and her COO. Perhaps her reaction was an indicator of how irked she truly feels about him leaving Chancellor-Winters, but her choice of words hinted at a divide between them that they may not be able to overcome.
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As Lily fumed at her boyfriend for taking it upon himself to intervene with Nate, she admonished, “My company, my family,” which in effect validated the feeling Billy has had all along of not being truly a part of either.

Some fans, like SOAPS reader Soapsbest17, took exception to Lily’s take on the situation and to her speaking to Jill’s son as though he’s an outsider: “Did she forget it’s his mother’s company? It drives me batty when they talk about it being their family company, as if Jill doesn’t own it or as if they are related to Jill.”

Others thought it was just plain mean considering Billy meant no harm and may have actually helped. NJ_SOAP-LADY feels that “Lily really needs to apologize to Billy for her words…stinging harsh words.”

One thing most can agree on is that the turn the conversation took probably signaled the beginning of the end for this seemingly happy couple. Byathread opined, “I think Lily/Billy have run their course and their relationship will soon be finito.”

Considering we have an upcoming teaser about Billy supporting Chelsea, and Lily’s former love Daniel returning to Genoa City, the hints are piling up that Billy and Lily’s love will soon hit the skids.

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That said, Billy and Lily have weathered far worse and come out of it closer than ever. Do you think a break-up is in the cards for this Young & Restless couple, or is this just a bump on the road to the altar for the pair? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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