Melissa Ordway Y&R
Credit: D Guignebourg/JPI

Young & Restless star weighs in on the possibility of a romance blossoming between friends.

The Young and the Restless took to doing a little reposting on Instagram recently, specifically, a photo shared previously by Melissa Ordway (Abby) taken behind the scenes during filming. But the move left followers wondering if the soap was also doing a little teasing… of its next love triangle.

The scene in question aired on the Tuesday, October 25 episode of Young & Restless in which Tucker threatened Diane at Crimson Lights. Over at Noah’s nightclub, Abby and Chance (Conner Floyd) had been enjoying a romantic night out when their son’s biological father Devon (Bryton James) got into it with his cousin Nate (Sean Dominic) over his betrayal.

The photo in the post showed Ordway, James, and Floyd posing between takes. In the scenes, Chance was distracted by his phone throughout his and Abby’s date night, and eventually, the cop got called away to investigate a crime. Abby stayed behind with Devon and he opened up to her about Nate and Neil.

Young & Restless posting the trio was interesting given that it was a scene that highlighted the growing distance between Abby and Chance and shone a light on the closeness she has always shared with Devon, who she just happens to share a child with now. This wasn’t lost on fans who were quick to question if the official account was signaling a love triangle ahead.

Reactions to the idea were varied, from “Devon and Abby were great together. As Devon poured his heart out and Abby listened in such a caring and consoling way. They had me in tears about Neil,” to “I’ve always liked Abby and I want her to be happy with Chance but something is missing between the two of them; their love story isn’t compelling,” to “I wish the show would let Abby and Chance be happy! Go mess with some of the other pairings!”

As for Melissa Ordway, when asked if she could see Devon and Abby becoming more than friends, she told Soaps, “Absolutely! This is my favorite question, because I think that would be super-interesting. They have this baby together. Yes, it’s Chance’s baby, but it’s Devon’s sperm and Abby’s egg. Biologically it’s Devon and Abby’s baby. I think that would be very interesting. And I love working with Bryton so much I would support that story any day!”

With Abby confiding in Devon again after her Halloween plans with Chance and Dominic were scuttled by a stakeout, and Devon hinting to Lily about tension with Amanda, it’s sure shaping up to look like this is the way Young & Restless may be going with the close friends.

What do you think Young & Restless viewers? Is there a new love triangle ahead? Are you as keen on the idea of an Abby/Devon pairing as Ordway? If this were to happen, who should Chance be paired with next?

Look over Abby and Chance’s love story in the gallery below.