Restless Rant
Week of January 11 – 15:

The week got off to a bizarre start on Monday’s The Young and the Restless, with legally-blind Adam pulling off an unbelievable rescue, and Daisy revealing herself to be a wide-eyed, soft-spoken psychopath! The rest of the week was pretty entertaining, with plenty happening, and then Friday dropped a few bombs! Here are my comments:

Rescue Ranger: Could the writers be any more obvious in their attempts to try to manipulate viewers to see him in a different light? Take his blindness for instance (I use the term loosely), which comes and goes as a storyline convenience. Adam was previously so blind that he had to squint hard in order to dial his cell phone while it was two inches from his nose, and now he can negotiate rooms, coffee houses, and offices, can trick or treat, land punches, and save two kids who are trapped upstairs in a burning house – and even go back in and find the dog! Michael Muhney is a terrific actor, no question – but Adam has to get caught and do time soon – come on!

Jo-Jo, Go-Go: This character was a hoot for about ten minutes. Believe me, by Friday’s episode I was as eager to get those DNA results as Jill, Esther, and Murphy combined! I have to admit, though, one of my favorite scenes this week was Jill coming into the Chancellor Estate and finding a gang of bikers in the living room – yee haw!

The Break-Up: The break-up of Kevin and Ryder was notable, since as much as this slow storyline absolutely tries my patience, thanks to the acting abilities of Greg Rikaart (Kevin) and Wilson Bethel (Ryder), I was able to feel the push and pull of their tangled emotions concerning one another. Kudos.

Crazy Daisy: Wow! I half expected her head to start spinning around this week! What a scary little piece of work she turned out to be! She obviously did a number on that little boy in the photograph Ryder carries, she set the house on fire to get to Eden, and is cold and heartless toward her brother Ryder. Could you believe she told him to sleep in his car in the winter, and then suggested to Eden that he started the fire in Sharon’s house?! It was nice that we got some new information this week too – that Daisy is also Kevin’s sibling. Now, if only I could figure out what could possibly “be at stake” to make this big plan so worth their while….

Amber/Daniel/Phyllis: I’m excited for Amber and Daniel to locate Little D. There’s no word yet on whether or not Andrea Evans will reprise her role of Tawny (Amber’s mother), but that would be a treat! Also, I’d like Deacon to stick around – I find the emotional pull between him and Amber very compelling. Worth mentioning: Amber and Phyllis are more interesting as adversaries, and it was nice to see Daniel make up his own mind about whether or not to help Amber find the boy – refreshing.

The Weird Conversation: How strange was the conversation between Phyllis and Lauren at the beginning of the week, concerning the possibility that Sheila is alive? I think it’s obvious that Phyllis is Phyllis, not Sheila, but what could this foreshadowing mean? Interesting that the majority of voters in our snap poll did not find the idea of another Sheila return exciting or believable…

Loony Lauren: She’s obviously going off the deep end more than she wants anyone to realize with all of this rat business, and the thoughts of Sheila dancing in her brain. Did you see the way she went off on Eden?! It was totally un-Lauren-like – as Michael and Gloria pointed out. I got a kick out of Gloria’s appearance this week – she’s great in doses!