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Desperate times call for desperate measures…

Just when Diane thought something positive was coming from her redemption tour, Tucker landed his helicopter smack dab on the Abbott property and crashed back into her life. The “I Hate Diane Club,” consisting of Phyllis, Nikki and Ashley, quickly became suspicious of their connection but Jack defended Diane to his sister, as he’s started to believe that she really has changed — for Kyle’s sake, anyway.

In a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest, Co-Executive Producer and Head Writer Josh Griffith stated, “Diane never expected Tucker to not only return to Genoa City, but not honor their alliance.”

Not only has Diane made headway with Jack, her son has also accepted her back into his — and his family’s — life. Not to mention she’s been able to hold her own against Phyllis, where Jack is concerned, which leads to her next move…

Phyllis Jack Diane Y&R

Diane comes right out and asks Jack if Phyllis has caused him to have any doubts about her supposed secret life with Tucker. “This tactic has previously worked well for Diane, so she’s caught off-guard when Jack puts on the brakes and reminds Diane of her own lies and deceit in the past,” Griffith explained.

However, it doesn’t work this time… Diane is devastated when Jack admits that he no longer trusts her and that he made a grave mistake by giving her the benefit of the doubt once again. He thinks she’s hiding something about her time in Los Angeles and, as an added blow, Phyllis reveals that Talia cannot wait to put the shovel in the dirt and dig into her past with Tucker.

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Not wanting to lose the progress she’s made with her son, “She realizes she needs to up her game and build a defense before she loses the life she has fought so hard to reclaim,” Griffith continued. “She makes the decision to come clean about her connection to Tucker. This confession will have major ramifications for all involved as Diane will stop at nothing to hold on to her new life.”

What do you think Diane will reveal to Jack? And, more importantly, how will he react to her secret — the one that she was “too ashamed to admit?” Either Jack will fly off the handle or he’ll believe that she really has changed… In any case, Phyllis, Nikki and Ashley won’t likely back down anytime soon and just might uncover some extra dirt that Diane thought she had buried for good.

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