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One thing, as they say, could lead to another… and another.

If we’re being honest, it’s kind of nice to know that we aren’t the only ones fed up with Young & Restless’ Nate and all his machinations. There’s a part of us that hopes that now that Elena’s moved out on her own, he might realize how much of a power-hungry jerk he’s turned into and come back down to earth… but there’s an even bigger part of us that doubts it!

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Luckily, Devon is there to give Elena a shoulder to cry on, though she hasn’t quite been able to bring herself to tell him everything that’s going on. But that could change at any moment, and when it does, you can bet emotions are going to be running high!

First, Devon would have to grapple with Nate’s betrayal as he planned to sell his own family out to Victoria and Victor. As if the Newmans need any help in growing more powerful. Then he’d realize that, even if it took a little while, Elena turned to him, choosing to open up to and warn her ex over backing her current(ish) beau.

Sharing secrets has a way of bonding people — and when it comes to Devon and Elena, that bonding could get real physical real fast! Yeah, he’s still with Amanda, but infidelity really wouldn’t be a stretch for these two. In fact, if anything, we’d have to say it’s kind of their thing!

Despite Devon’s moral outrage over Elena cheating on him with Nate, he did begin his relationship with Amanda’s identical twin by sleeping with Hillary behind Neil’s back. And this was when his dad/her husband was blind, no less!

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As Elena ponders a roll in the hay with Devon, Amanda’s already leaning all the way out!

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Of course, once Devon and Elena give into their passion and hop into bed together, his and Amanda’s days are numbered. And with the news that Mishael Morgan is stepping back from Young & Restless, we have a feeling it would be a shockingly low number.

Since coming to Genoa City, Amanda has, in a way, been living in Hillary’s shadow. Heck, she and Devon first bonded because she wanted to learn about her long-lost twin. And while Hillary and Devon’s love endured until her death, Amanda would have to deal with the realization that her own relationship wasn’t even strong enough to keep her beau’s eye from wandering.

That’s got to sting. And it could be enough for Amanda to start examining her entire life in Genoa City and think, “Maybe it’s time to start somewhere fresh, where I don’t have to ever worry about my sister’s specter.”

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Maybe she won’t leave town right away. Maybe she’ll just step back a bit and examine what she has, what she wants and how she feels about Devon. But in the end, we’d be shocked if this wasn’t the catalyst to make her realize it was time to move on and leave the messiness of Genoa City behind while her Emmy-winning portrayer explores new opportunities.

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