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On October 23, 2015, the Daytime Emmy Award-winning actress welcomed her second child, a son, Jameson Jones Lee Stafford.

Today marks the birthday of The Young and the Restless vet Michelle Stafford’s (Phyllis) second child, her son Jameson, and as a way to join in on the celebration, we gathered some sweet memories that the CBS soap star has shared with her Instagram followers over the years. There are special moments with mom, some with his sister, and a few of Stafford’s castmates made appearances as well.

Welcome to the World

Stafford gave fans their first peek — literally —at her precious son in 2015 with the caption, “Eye spy with my little eye…”

Tender Moment

Not too long after, she posted a photo sitting in bed, holding her little one and stared lovely at Jameson.

Up All Night

And as most parents know, with newborns come sleepless nights — many of them — and Stafford admitted she had a few herself. “Up most of the night with a fussy baby but completely over exposed and over filtered so as to not look like the true troll that I am this morning selfie.”

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Sweet Kisses

Isn’t this pic just the sweetest, as the actress and her firstborn, daughter Natalia, each placed a kiss on the side of Jameson’s forehead. “He has no idea how much he’s gonna get kissed by us,” she shared.

Beautiful Boy

Stafford sent her “beautiful boy” a ton of love and admitted, “But I am so tired,” to which moms everywhere can surely relate.

First Christmas

With Jameson dressed up as Santa Claus for his very first Christmas, Stafford hashtagged the photo with “lucky girl” to let the world know just how blessed she felt.

Future Hockey Fan

While sitting on his momma’s lap, Stafford and Jameson took in a hockey all-star game, to which she shared, “It starts,” along with the hashtag “it’s never too early.” And we agree… might as well get him onboard with the family’s favorite team from the get go.

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Flying With Mom and Big Sis

Posing at the airport with Natalia by her side and Jameson in a baby carrier all snuggled up to his mom’s chest, Stafford stated, “Seasoned pro flying with these two.”

He Just Wants to Be Held

This had to be one of our favorite precious photos of Jameson with his mom, whose message warmed our hearts. “I know he’s never gonna slam a door on my face. He’s never gonna scream ‘I hate you!’ but wow, this lil sweet baby J,” she expressed. “He wants to be held all the time.” And she loves it! “He is squishy but, I’ve got stuff to do… Like work,” she continued. “When I’m not working this is kinda the ritual in the morning. I know, I know, ‘they grow fast’ and all that. I’ve heard that boys are a bit more demanding of their mommas like this. It’s fascinating the differences in my children. There’s a lot of love going on up in here.”

Monday Morning Climbing

Supporting her little climber as he ventured up the stairs, Stafford gave fans a look into a “Monday morning” in 2016.

The Captain

And a few weeks later, it appeared that Jameson ventured up a few more steps, to which his proud mom stated, “Who’s the Captain now?”

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Happy 1st Birthday

While wishing her son his first happy birthday, Stafford shared a little memento from his birth and explained, “Just noticed this tag has the wrong date… it should be 10/23/2015.” She couldn’t believe that her “lil love bug” had already turned a year old and admitted, “It’s been a journey,” before sending Jameson her love, “You are full of wild, full of energy, full of life! I’m so lucky you picked me!”

Musical Moment

It appears that Jameson had a hidden talent at a very young age, as pictured below. As he strummed a little guitar, his proud mom captioned the pic, “Like a moth to a flame.”

So Long, 2018

As Jameson, his sister and his mom said goodbye to 2018, Stafford posted one of her last beautiful family pics of the year, along with a quote by philosopher and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson: “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” 

Football Fan

Jameson spent Super Bowl LIII rooting for the family’s favorite team — the Los Angeles Rams. However, those who watched know that the New England Patriots beat them 13 to 3, to which Stafford shared, “Clearly… this was taken before the game… We are still diehard L.A. Rams fans!”

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Easter 2019

Another one of the cutest Easter photos we’ve seen was this sweet pic with Jameson surrounded by his sis and mom before they “became a chocolate mess.”

Disneyland Adventure

And during his trip to Disneyland, his mom not only referred to the park as being “the happiest place on earth” but also “the most packed place on earth and the hottest place on earth” yet still “the funnest place on earth.”

The Shot Between the Shot

Those who have kids can probably relate to this comical pic of Jameson scowling at his sister. “Let this be a lesson…” Stafford explained. “The shot between the shots is always the best shot.”

Happy 4th Birthday

For Jameson’s fourth birthday, the actress shared a before and after post of her “handsome baby boy” and stated, “You will always be my baby boy. I love you so much and am so super honored you’re my son.” So sweet!

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A Birthday Kiss From Sis

And Natalia got in on the fun by delivering a birthday kiss to her little bro. “You have completely, from day one, changed our world around and upside down… and we love you for it!” Stafford expressed. “We all will never be the same again!”

Halloween 2019

Jameson dressed up as Harry Potter for Halloween in 2019 and we have to say, he made a great little wizard!

Hello, 2021

Jameson and his sister looked as though they were having fun with their mom in their “first post of 2021,” to which Stafford stated, “If this is an indication of our year… Send help.”

Celebrating Mardi Gras With Mom’s Co-Star

In February 2021, Jameson, along with his sister and mom, were in their “Mardi Gras pod, celebrating Mardi Gras with Mr. Christian,” aka Christian Leblanc (Michael), who had been quarantining with them… “pretty much.” Since they couldn’t go to New Orleans, they brought “NOLA” to their home, where they ate “gumbo and jambalaya,” which Stafford “made from scratch.”

Dancing With Mom and Big Sis

And what better fun than to spend the day dancing with his mom and sister?! Here’s Jameson jamming to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling.”

Being Silly With Tracey E. Bregman

While in their “native state,” Jameson and his crew took a silly pic with his mom’s other co-star, Tracey E. Bregman, who plays Leblanc’s on-screen wife, Lauren.

Unofficial Start of Summer

In May 2021, he and his mom celebrated “the unofficial start of summer!”

Super Bowl 2022

And this time, for Super Bowl LVI, Jameson’s team, the Los Angeles Rams, won over the Cincinnati Bangles 23 to 20!

Celebrating His Momma

A few months later, it was all about celebrating his mom at “Jameson’s school.”

The Beautiful Things in Life

Stafford’s caption on the photo below says it all, as Jameson smiled for the camera: “Today I will enjoy the beautiful things in life.” It’s something we should all aim to do!

National Sons Day

A day after National Sons Day, Stafford admitted that she missed the holiday and said, “I mean… I gotta post because I posted about Daughters Day and you know it will come back to haunt me in some way if I don’t give the son the same love…”

Picture Day 2022

Boy, how Jameson has grown up! Stafford shared a sweet shot of her kids before they headed to school for picture day and reflected on how quick time goes by.

Happy 7th Birthday

And for his 2022 celebration, Stafford shared, “Damn. We should all be this elated about living another year. Happy 7th my gorgeous boy. Never lose this joy.”

We hope Jameson has a wonderful birthday!

Now that we’ve seen a couple of pics of Jameson having fun with his sister, look through our gallery below filled with photos of soap stars and their real-life female siblings — you’ll even see one of his mom and aunt.