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To say those two have a colorful history would be an understatement.

Brace yourselves, because we may be in for a bumpy ride on The Young and the Restless! Well, maybe we should amend that to a bumpier ride. Because according to spoilers, Abby’s about to have a shocking encounter with someone today, and we’ve got a pretty good idea of who it’s with! After all, there’s really only one person around right now who could give her any kind of unpleasant surprise — and that’s Tucker!

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Abby has never really been a Tucker fan. and went to some pretty extreme lengths to split him from her mother. She trashed their wedding venue, plotted to set Tucker and Diane up to be caught by Ashley so she’d think they were cheating and even drunkenly (and, admittedly, accidentally) ran the man down with her car.

Tucker wasn’t even expected to live after that until his mom willed him to breathe simply by virtue of being the force of nature that was Katherine.

After that horrifying incident, though, Abby relented, and even served as Ashley’s maid of honor in the wedding… but all that time in trying to convince her mom that Tucker was a philanderer wasn’t far off the mark. In the end, the two divorced after he cheated on her with Devon’s mom, Harmony.

Now he’s back and very clearly gunning for Abby’s mom again. What are the chances she’s going to look kindly on the man who proved her misgivings right?

And now, on top of that, there’s Dominic. His grandfather is a man Abby’s never trusted, never liked and who has an incredibly convoluted family history. Katherine never knew he was her son, and Devon never knew he was his father.

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“What am I smiling at? Oh, just the thought of what I’ll do to Tucker if he so much as breathes near either of you.”

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One of the first things Mariah wondered when she saw Tucker at the vow renewal was if he’d come back for Dominic. If she thought that, it seems like a safe bet that it’ll be one of the first things Abby thinks too! It’s probably not hard for her to imagine that now that he’s in town, he’s going to start pushing for a greater connection with his grandson.

Maybe he’ll even try to reignite a Devon push for more parental responsibility and, in some way try to recreate the family life Dominic’s dad and grandfather never had! Seem like a bit much? Not to Abby, a woman who’s quest to take Tucker down once nearly cost him his life.

Granted, nearly killing him was back in her Naked Heiress days, but that was also just a daughter trying to (kind of) protect her mother. This time, Abby’s a mama bear, and she has worked hard to keep her family together, through an adoptive father who struggled with parenthood and a biological father who wanted a bigger role in the tot’s life.

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If she starts worrying even for a few seconds that Tucker could upend all that, we may get to see a side of Abigail that we haven’t in a long time. Now, though, she’s far more mature, confident and capable than the last time she sparred with the man. Who knows what lengths she’d be capable of to keep him at bay this time.

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