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Devon makes Esther an interesting offer.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of October 3 – 7, Kyle and Summer’s vow renewal doesn’t go exactly as planned. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Kyle not only surprised Summer with a vow renewal ceremony, but also a honeymoon in Costa Rica. And while Diane should have been happy to be included in the festivities, she was worried that her friend who arrived in town could blow everything for her if the Abbotts found out they were in cahoots together.

Coming up, Kyle and Summer kiss at the vow renewal ceremony and everyone applauds. Suddenly, a helicopter is heard, and everything starts blowing. Everyone looks up.

Esther is about to get a tempting offer and asks Devon, “Are you offering me a job?!” Devon replies with a smile, “I absolutely am offering you a job, yes.” Will she accept his offer? And how long before Devon finds out about Nate’s machinations?

Audra, who has been very clear in her flirtations with Nate, suggested to him that they go check out the new club in town… together. Nate explained that was a bad idea since they were co-workers, plus he’s in a relationship. Of course, that relationship is also on a break, since Elena had issues with Nate’s plans to take over Chancellor-Winters. In the sneak peek of what’s to come, Audrea heads to the club and sees a familiar face. She approaches Noah and Allie and says, “Hello, Noah. It’s been a long time.” Noah looks shook. It’s clear these two have a history together.

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