Hunter King filming Y&R
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

It’s electric! Boogie woogie woogie? Er, no.

If there’s one thing Hunter King has made clear since leaving as The Young and the Restless‘ Summer, it’s that she knows how to keep busy! From her trip to Dublin, to her work at Hallmark — including an upcoming holiday flick — King has been on the move. And shockingly, that’s far from over.

(Sorry, we couldn’t resist that one.)

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After stopping by Dublin, it looks like King and boyfriend Andy McNeil made the most of their trip to the Emerald Isle, hopping over to Galway, a city on the west coast of Ireland. The actress shared an at times breathtaking video compilation of their visit, with clips of gorgeous windswept sea cliffs, adorable cobblestone streets and idyllic pastoral scenery. And when we say breathtaking, we mean that literally.

The whole compilation capped off with a visit to cow country… and King grabbing the wire fence surrounding a pasture, only to jump back with a shocked look on her face!

“Oh, no,” McNeil exclaimed as the two of them laughed, “it’s electric!”

The cows remained unimpressed, but since King looks to have gotten away without serious harm, we guess we can forgive their nonchalance. Jurassic Park electric fence this was not. Still, it sounds like it packed a bit of a punch!

“Galway you were good to us,” she wrote in her caption, “until I got electrocuted. (Watch ’till the end to see 5,000 volts shock my dumb a**.)”

We suppose all’s well that ends well. And since King was able to post about her shocking encounter with a laugh, the trip seems like it ended very well indeed!

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