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We have a feeling Audra won’t be all work and no play.

Young & Restless’ ladies might want to shorten the leashes on their gentlemen now that Zuleyka Silver has hit Genoa City as Audra. The character is supposedly in town to help take Chancellor-Winters public. But there is more to the businesswoman than meets the eye. “Let’s just say that she has ulterior motives” for accepting this job, the actress tells Soaps in Depth. “She has secrets that will be revealed sooner than later.”

At the moment, Audra also has a dance card that’s completely empty. We doubt that it will stay that way, however. The question is, which man will not only capture her attention but keep it — especially considering how few single guys there are in Genoa City! Will it be…


Since his split from Sally, he has needed a pick-me-up. But he’s still so enamored of his lost love that he might not be at all ready for a new one. Not that that has ever stopped him (or anyone on a soap opera!).

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“I have been sad for, like, weeks.”

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Though Nick is pursuing his half brother’s ex, he and Sally might decide that he should also date Audra — you know, just as cover for their affair. Things could then get messy when Nick starts falling for the newcomer.

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“I don’t think we should see other people… just, ya know… me.”

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What if Chelsea’s whole crush on her old flame was just a red herring and the real threat to his relationship with Lily isn’t his former podcasting partner but his beautiful new Chancellor-Winters colleague?

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“See ya, babe! I’m off to wreck my own romance!”

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He and Amanda seem solid, sure. But “solid” doesn’t often generate a whole lot of storyline. Throwing Audra into the mix professionally as well as personally could shake things up in the best possible way.

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“Me… cheat? Perish the thought!”

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Considering what goes down between him and girlfriend Elena on Thursday, Sept. 29, he may soon find himself in the market for a new romance. If he elects to friend-zone Imani — as if! — Audra could fit the bill nicely.

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“I said ‘dibs.’”

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Abby’s husband is a longshot to stray, we’ll grant you. But like Devon and Amanda, the Chancellors could use a good jostling to keep from taking up residence in Dullsville. That’s your cue, Audra — have at it!

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“It’s either I have an affair, or we give Dominic yet another name.”

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Who do you think the newcomer will be paired with? En route to the comments, check out highlights from Sharon Case’s photo shoots over the years in the gallery below.