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Several former Genoa City residents are rolling over in their graves! 

If there’s one thing we’ve long known about The Young and the Restless‘ Victor Newman, it’s that he puts business above all else. Oh, sure, he talks a good game about family being the most important thing, but how often has he thrown his children — individually or collectively — under a passing bus?

But even we were surprised at how quickly he got on board when Victoria told her dad about the plan to take over Chancellor-Winters.

Already, we were having issues with Nate’s role in this story. After all, how, exactly, does he see this playing out? Does the guy seriously believe that Lily and Devon are going to be able to forgive his betrayal, or that when this blows up in his face, he won’t lose Elena, who has made her opposition to his actions clear from the start?

But Victor’s another story, and it’s one with a long and complicated history. Victor loved and respected both Neil Winters and Katherine Chancellor. The idea that he would co-sign the notion of yanking the rug out from their respective families is disturbing.

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Yes, Victoria pointed out that upon Katherine’s death, she left Chancellor Industries to Victor (who later sold it to Jill). This, the father and daughter decided, would be the perfect opportunity to reclaim it. But at what price… aside from financial? Surely Katherine and Neil would be furious upon realizing that their loved ones worked so hard to form the company, only to have Victor steal it out from under them! Assuming they’re watching Genoa City from heaven, Victor might want to keep an eye open for unexpected stray lightning bolts.

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It’s worth noting that Nikki isn’t likely to be too thrilled with her husband and daughter’s big move, either. Longtime viewers will recall that Katherine was like a mother to Nikki, while she and Neil helped one another deal with their alcohol-related issues. As far as we know, Nikki is currently in the dark about the IPO, given that she’s been in Los Angeles seeking dirt about Diane. And while Nikki’s been known to shake her head in frustration — but not necessarily take action — where Victor’s actions are concerned, here’s hoping she at least makes it clear she disapproves!

Heaven knows Victor and Nikki have survived a lot over the years. Need proof? Check out this gallery of their history (including some awesome flashback photos).