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Credit: CBS

We’re used to shake-ups. But there are limits.

 As fans excitedly anticipate the debut of The Young and the Restless‘ new opening credits — get a sneak peek here — we’re right there with ’em. Who doesn’t love head-turning new glamour shots of our favorites? That’s what we thought — nobody doesn’t love ’em. But…

Oh yes, there is a “but.” When the new credits roll, we’re going to want… Sorry, make that we’re going to need for “Nadia’s Theme” to remain in place. The instrumental, first used in the 1971 movie Bless the Beasts and Children, has served as a siren song for The Young and the Restless viewers since the show premiered two years later. At this point, it’s so synonymous with the soap that all anyone needs to hear are the first notes, and they go, “Oh! Young & Restless.”

Other daytime dramas have tried to reinvent the wheel by changing their theme songs, to mixed results. Another World struck gold when it started using Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris’ “(You Take Me Away to) Another World.” (Admit it — you’re hearing it in your head right this second, aren’t you?) But is anyone, anyone, enamored of the non-tune that General Hospital now uses as it scrolls through standard-issue cast headshots that could’ve been taken on Picture Day in grade school? Yeah, us, either.

Days of Our Lives, on the other hand, has smartly stuck with its classic intro, including its voiceover by the late, great Macdonald Carey (Tom). And that’s what Young & Restless, we hope, will do, too, sticking with “Nadia’s Theme” and giving us the sense of “home” that the show has for so long provided. (Even if that home is filled with bickering couples and connivers galore!)

Go back in time all the way to the beginning of Young & Restless with the below photo gallery that takes the show from its debut all the way to today.

Video: YouTube/Aussiegay34, paulydpower