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The Daytime Emmy Award-winning actress reflects on a turning point in her character’s life.

Yesterday, September 22, Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) sent a special birthday message to Michael Graziadei, who is set to return to The Young and the Restless as her character’s onscreen son Daniel Romalotti. The two have a long history working together on the CBS soap and she gave fans a peek into one of their personal text messages around four years ago while reflecting on their time together — as well as what is means to have him back in daytime.

“I have many amazing text exchanges with Michael, here is one I can actually show,” Stafford stated, along with a screenshot from her cell. “It was right after the Boston Bruins lost the Stanley Cup to the St. Louis Blues, I believe four years ago… I could be wrong on the year.”

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She went on to say how much Graziadei “loves his sports,” which is one of the many things that she loves about him. Thinking back to when they first aged Daniel in 2004, Stafford admitted, “I was completely freaked out having never played a mother to a grown adult in my life.” However, she “quickly fell in love with the Grazzzz,” as did the entire Young & Restless cast.

Stafford closed out the post by praising him for being “beyond an outstanding actor” and “an outstanding human… he is joy personified.” Not only is it her “pleasure” to have him back but “the pleasure of every other cast member… Happy Birthday GRAZZZZZZ.”

Graziadei jumped into the comments to make sure that his onscreen mama knew that the feeling was mutual and expressed, “I freaking adore you. You are too kind.”

And from the comments left by fans, they can’t wait to see Graziadei’s character back in Genoa City as well — and neither can we!

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