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The Young & Restless cast served up the glam and hot looks along with an exciting reveal.

Christel Khalil’s (Lily) words on her recent sneak peek clip from behind the scenes of Young & Restless — “New main title shots coming your way!” — will be like music to the ears of fans always eager for a refresher on the iconic opening credits. And what better time than the number one soap’s 50th anniversary to get it done?!

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Khalil shared an inside look at her portion of the opening credits being filmed with the green screen behind her. Pretty cool to see!

Khalil also shared a selfie with Amelia Heinle (Victoria) in which she got her best “duck face” on, however inadvertently.

They weren’t the only ones posing behind the scenes at Young & Restless recently. “We have no fun together,” joked Melissa Ordway (Abby) as she shared some laughing candids of her, Bryton James (Devon) and, of course, Conner Floyd (Chance).

Ordway also shared “A few of my faves,” from the busy cast photo day, which included snaps with her onscreen aunt Beth Maitland (Traci), her mom, Eileen Davidson (Ashley), as well as selfies with James and Heinle.

Melissa Claire Egan, who looked smokin’ in her dress, joked, “Sometimes all it takes is a cast photo selfie to realize how dirty your mirror is….” Who noticed?!?

Fan fave Sharon Case (Sharon) posed for a selfie with Egan and Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) and captioned the gorgeous result, “Wrapping up our big press day at Young & Restless.”

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The beautiful Cait Fairbanks (Tessa) apologetically shared a pouty pose and said, “Sorry, let me soap for a sec.”

But the gals weren’t the only ones throwing looks from behind the scenes, Young & Restless hottie Rory Gibson (Noah) got in on the action as well.

Who else is as excited as we are for new opening credits and a glam cast photo? Hands up!!

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Take a look back over Young & Restless’ last cast photos in the gallery below.