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Ms. Spectra, this is not a good look.

Young & Restless’ Sally landed in a very uncomfortable position when Adam showed up at her hotel room door and found his brother Nick there, and now she’s in an even worse spot wherein she may be acting just as terribly as the man who did her wrong… well, not really… but maybe? Her behavior is definitely under scrutiny…

Viewers may have expected Sally and Nick to hook up, but the characters seemed to be taken completely off guard by the wave of passion that swept them spontaneously off of their feet and onto the office sofa… not to mention up against the office door. It was seemingly a tsunami of lust that just couldn’t — wouldn’t — be denied, not even when Adam showed up, knocked at the door, and called out to Sally. Though the action inside paused, they picked up right where they left off when Adam gave up and walked away.

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Once they’d cooled their jets, Nick and Sally met up in the park to recalibrate their professional relationship and decided it was best if that thing that happened never happened again.

Cut to her hotel suite, where it was definitely happening again, and judging by their reactions (see photo below), we’re guessing it’s going to keep happening in an “oops, we did it again” style affair.
Sally Nick Y&R

Naturally, Adam showed up at the scene of the “crime”. Happily, for all parties concerned, Sally and Nick were dressed and able to defend being alone together in her room. Nick gave his best bluster about it being none of Adam’s business and Adam countered by asking to speak to Sally alone.

With Nick gone, Sally went into full denial mode, even going so far as to turn the tables on Adam and accuse the ex who had been so cruel to her of being extra-horrible for even daring to think she’d have sex with his brother.

Given that’s exactly what she did, it wasn’t a great look. In fact, even the Young & Restless official account couldn’t condone it!

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Now, you know your character’s behavior is questionable when even your own soap can’t resist poking fun at her handling of a situation. Yup, Sally is on the hot seat! Watch the hilarious clip below as Young & Restless, claiming, “We couldn’t help ourselves with this one,” illustrates exactly how suspect Sally’s denials came across.

Are you hoping Sally will get back together with Adam? Are you rooting for Adam to take his revenge on his ex and his brother? Let us know where you stand using the comment section below.

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Take a look back over Sally’s romance with Adam in the gallery below.