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A blast from her past could be about to blow up their future.

When The Young and the Restless pulls one over us, it really pulls one over on us. We were sure that despite their toxic history, Chelsea was being set up as a spoiler in Billy’s romance with Lily. Chelsea certainly seemed to want a do-over with Lily’s man. But then the news broke that Daniel Graziadei was returning as Daniel, and suddenly, everything started to look different.

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The way they were…

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The Second Time Around

You’ll recall that back in 2006, much to the chagrin of warring moms Phyllis and Drucilla, a baby-faced Daniel and Lily eloped and were married for a hot minute. She’d stood by him when he’d been blamed for the death of Cassie Newman but threw in the monogrammed towel upon discovering that Amber Moore had turned him into a porn addict.

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But, of course, that was then, and this is now. Both Lily and Daniel are older and wiser. They’re both parents. They’ve both lived a little. And were they to get to reacquainted, it isn’t hard to imagine what they’d first seen in each other combining with what they now saw in each other to create an impossible-to-ignore pull. Could they get a second chance to get a relationship right?

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It doesn’t look like a goodbye kiss.

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When Opportunity Knocks…

This isn’t to say that Chelsea wouldn’t play a role in Billy and Lily’s breakup — she would. As Lily spends time with Daniel — just as friends — Chelsea plays mind games with Billy, hoping to make him believe that there’s more going on than just a couple of exes hanging out.

All it would take for Chelsea to stick a fork in Billy and Lily’s relationship, then, would be for her to arrange for him to catch a glimpse of his girlfriend being reminded of what a good kisser Daniel is. Billy would then do what Billy does best — i.e., make a poor decision — and rebound right into Chelsea’s open arms.

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Billy Chelsea kiss Y^R

“Would it help if we kissed?”

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Mixed Doubles

Suddenly, The Young and the Restless would have on its hands two rematches: Lily and Daniel’s, and Chelsea and Billy’s. But while Lily might actually fall for Daniel anew, Billy would very quickly realize that he’d made a mistake in giving up on Lily. By the time he tries to win her back, it’ll be too late: She will have committed herself to Daniel and to finally getting their romance right.

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