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Nikki Newman really gets around!

Fans of Bold & Beautiful and Young & Restless are eagerly anticipating the crossover event in September that will see Nikki Newman make the trek from Wisconsin to Los Angeles in hopes of digging up dirt on her nemesis, Diane Jenkins. And while Nikki’s daughter Victoria was horrified by her plans to visit Deacon Sharpe, we can assure her that not all of the visit will involve their shady ex.

Nikki told Victoria that part of her reason for going to L.A. would be to meet with the Forresters, specifically the best of the best, Eric and Ridge, to have a wedding gown designed for her granddaughter, Summer. Victoria questioned the move when her mother simply could have had the dress made by the designers at local fashion boutique Fenmore’s or Marchetti.

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Nikki viably argued that it would be difficult to keep it a secret given that Summer is the head of creative at Marchetti and works closely with Fenmore’s. We just hope Kyle, Summer’s husband, who is CEO of Marchetti doesn’t already have a gown being designed and that Nikki remembered to fill him in on her plans.

In any case, Victoria sensed there was more to her mother’s trip than just a wedding gown, as she could have done a consult with the Forresters over a video call. After much hesitation, Nikki finally confessed that she would be paying Deacon a visit. Not only is he the person most likely to have information on what Diane got up to during her time in Los Angeles, but she has yet to take him to task for helping the woman fake her death and frame Nikki for the murder!

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Victoria didn’t like the sound of it, but was reassured by the news that her father, Victor Newman, was on board with the plan and would surely send a security detail with her mother. We’re not sure Victor’s actually in the loop when it comes to Nikki’s intention of seeing Deacon but we’re sure she’ll tell him… right?

Knowing that Deacon will be a most important stop on Nikki’s west coast tour has left many fans wondering if she’ll cross paths with the notorious Sheila Carter, who is currently holed up in his apartment, where she’s hiding from the law, who believe her to be dead after being mauled by a bear. If Nikki sees Sheila, she may well be wearing the disguise she uses to lurk about town. It’s thrilling and chilling to think that Victor’s wife could come face-to-face with the madwoman and not even know it (though she’ll almost certainly feel there’s something familiar about Deacon’s lady friend).
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While it remains to be seen if that crossover will take place, it seems a sure thing that Nikki will be seen at Forrester Creations. It appears from new set photos released that she may share scenes with not only Eric but also Hope for the Future head Hope Logan and Forrester’s co-CEO Steffy Forrester, who are currently navigating battles of their own.

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The details of their interactions have not yet been teased, but we have a sneak peek for you — including one surprising (or perhaps not surprising at all) person Melody Thomas Scott ran into on the set while filming!

Get your first peek at Nikki Newman’s trip to Los Angeles in the mini-gallery below.