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Many of their scenes will go down in soap history as some of the best.

Longtime viewers of The Young and the Restless won’t soon forget the iconic feud between Katherine Chancellor and Jill Abbott over the years. From Jill attempting to choke Kay to the Duchess slapping her nemesis across the face, and who could forget their fight in the attic or the courthouse battle?! These two had some of the craziest scenes in daytime, some of which will surely go down in soap history.

Jill’s portrayer, Jess Walton, shared a photo of her with the late Jeanne Copper and asked her followers, “What was your favorite Katherine and Jill moment?”

While many fans took to the comments to express just how much they miss seeing Jill and Katherine together, others shared their favorite scene between the frenemies with the majority pointing to the famous cake fight.

Katherine, Jill Y&R

It all went down at the Chancellor mansion after Katherine and Jill learned that Jill was not her biological daughter. With both on good terms at that time, Katherine assured Jill no matter what the DNA results stated, she loved her like a daughter. However, Jill’s bitter streak came through and she accused Katherine of marrying trailer trash (Murphy), which was a term she had called Jill for years, and one thing led to another and the two ended up in a massive cake fight during Billy and Chloe’s wedding.

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Relive the drama-filled, hilarious scene in the video below:

What was your favorite? Feel free to share them with us — and other fans — in the comment section.

And to revisit other Jill/Katherine moments take a walk down memory lane by viewing our photo gallery featuring the famous choking scene, as well as a few of Katherine’s great loves.

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