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Their controversial hook-up could make multiple messes on Young & Restless, but will Nick and Sally “regret what they’ve done”?

The cat’s out of the proverbial bag about Nick and Sally’s office tryst, which is coming up on Young & Restless, and boy-oh-boy the ramifications could be mighty messy and reverberate across Genoa City!

Young & Restless previews for this week show Adam turning up at Sally’s door as she and Nick have sex inside, and while the potential impact of her ex walking in on the scene is obvious, it appears that, at least, will be avoided as the door is locked.

So, how do we get from Sally sharing a close encounter with Adam at the rooftop bar to her getting it on with Nick in her office? Well, she takes a path that’s littered with turmoil.
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Sally arrived back at her office to find a concerned Chloe ready to read her the riot act for missing a critical marketing meeting. When she finally confessed that she’d been with Adam, it went over with the COO exactly as one would expect — horribly.

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As the ladies butted heads, Nick walked in and asked to speak to Sally alone and then confronted her about missing the meeting. She came clean, he doled out a warning that she’s on not only thin but cracking, ice at the company, they had a heart-to-heart of sorts, and she vowed to make things right. But nothing happened between them at this point, as Nick left to go to bat for Sally with Victoria, who was already eyeing the redhead’s replacement.

Sally, meanwhile, reconvened with her fuming COO, which resulted in a shouting match in which she defended herself and essentially told Chloe she’d had enough of her trashing her ex. As if the day wasn’t stressful enough, Chloe then walked out on her, tossing back over her shoulder the words, “I’m done.”

So, we can see that Sally’s an emotional wreck after these run-ins with Adam, Nick, and Chloe, and we know Nick is too given he’s still struggling with having been the person to take Ashland Locke’s life. This is the perfect soap set up for something messy to happen… and it does.

At some point after going to bat for the Newman Media CEO one more time with Victoria, Nick will find himself in Sally’s office again (because of course he does), and as Josh Morrow previewed in SOD, it’s a handshake (and touching for the first time) that sparks “something intimate happening” between them.
Nick Sally kiss Y&R

He goes on to tease that “they suddenly kiss” and then start “ripping their clothes off and having sex on her office couch”. Enter Adam, who comes to the door at the most inopportune moment possible. As we mentioned, someone had the foresight to throw the lock on the door so he doesn’t walk in on his brother and his ex-girlfriend, but he does call out her name… which stops the action inside in its tracks.
Nick Sally sex Y&R

Perhaps this is the moment where the ramifications of giving in to passion first begin to dawn on Nick and Sally. After, they’ll have to address whether “this is something they both want to pursue” or whether “they regret what they’ve done”. Let’s put it this way, if they decide they don’t regret it, that may soon change as the consequences of their actions begin to roll out.

While they’re probably not going to be shouting about their tryst from the rooftop bar, it’s bound to come out as secrets are wont to do on soaps.

On the heels of encountering a locked office door, Adam’s certain to notice a change in his ex and his brother’s dynamic, and won’t be long putting two and two together. His reaction is the most obvious fallout from Nick and Sally having sex, as it’s surely going to be perceived as a huge betrayal on both of their parts and could quite easily send him back to the dark side. After all, he was only recently talked off of that particular ledge by Chelsea as it is.

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The reveal could also send Adam back to Sharon, who would be affected by the news herself given how close she’s been with Nick since (and even before) Rey’s death. It would make perfect sense for “Shadam” to fall back into one another’s arms as she comforts him or tries to talk him out of doing something rash, all the while, feeling wounded and vulnerable herself.

While Adam’s reaction is of grave concern, there are other people who won’t be at all happy to hear that Nick and Sally hooked up, and those who may use the news to push an agenda.

Yes, Victoria and Victor, we’re talking about you.

Victoria has wanted to axe Sally since she took over as CEO of Newman Media, and seemed pretty keen to make Nate her replacement after running into him in Crimson Lights. Despite this making no sense as he’s greener than Sally when it comes to the C-suite, we could easily imagine her taking Sally’s hook-up with Nick as an inappropriate attempt to secure her job there and deciding to replace her. Victor, who has been keen to get the redhead out, will almost certainly paint her in a bad light as well.

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They are likely to be even less pleased with Nick, as ironically, it may make it more difficult for them to fire Sally, as it could open them up to legal action given that he’s her superior. So messy! But it gets worse…

Nick will have to face the music on another front as well. Yup, there’s a reason Young & Restless had Sally and Phyllis cross paths recently — to remind us of their enmity. She and Summer would be pretty horrified to hear that Nick hooked up with the woman who conspired to run his daughter out of town, and who his ex-wife loathes.
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Interestingly enough, we thought a Nick and Sally hook-up might happen back when he was with Phyllis, which would have been dramatic then, but the fireworks are still gonna fly now — trust and believe she’ll have something to say, and loudly.

Finally, let us not forget that Kyle is in the process of planning a surprise wedding redo for Summer, who will presumably want her dad to walk her down the aisle… but what if they’re on the outs? Or he shows up with Sally?!? Egad!

What messiness do you think will ensue after Nick and Sally’s tryst is revealed? Let us know in the comment section.

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