Adam is about to walk in on Nick and Sally YR
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Next stop, the West Coast.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of September 12 – 16, Nikki is headed to California. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Jack accused Phyllis of being in cahoots with Talia Morgan and having something to do with the story on Diane. Phyllis quickly snapped that everything in the article was true, yet somehow she was the one under suspicion. Nikki was quick to defend Phyllis and pointed out that Diane was still a menace. With Talia’s article series scrapped, Nikki revealed to Phyllis that she was headed to Los Angeles to see Deacon Sharpe to try and get dirt on Diane that could help Talia’s editor change their mind about the series. Coming up, Nikki tells Victoria that she’s going to Los Angeles to talk to Deacon Sharpe, the one man who can potentially help take down Diane.


While Adam’s first day at Jabot didn’t go as smoothly as he hoped, Sally was riding high on her victories at Newman Media. She told Adam she had him to thank in part for them, as he was the one who saw something in her and believed in her. Adam apologized to Sally for how he treated her and things ended between them. Of course, there is another person who believes in Sally and has been getting closer to her, and that’s Adam’s brother Nick! Next week, Adam hovers outside the door of Newman Media as an almost shirtless Nick and Sally make out on the couch inside.

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