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Genoa City will never see it coming — but should!

With Ashland Locke pushing up daisies and Sheila Carter playing dress-up over on The Bold and the Beautiful, The Young and the Restless is suffering from a severe shortage of villains. Sure, Phyllis and Nikki may see Diane as the wickedest of the wicked, but since she rose from the grave, she’s come off mostly like she’s reformed and sincerely remorseful for the things that she’s done in her past. She still likes to push buttons, yes, but who among us can resist doing that?!?

Woman On the Verge

Not to worry, though, because unless we miss our mark, Young & Restless is preparing to unleash a whole new terror on Genoa City: Chelsea. At the moment, it’s hard not to feel for the former fashionista. She gave up designing, which she once loved, because the stress took too great a toll on her mental health. Billy threw her a lifeline with their podcast and, almost as quickly, yanked it away. And since her brutal split from Adam, she’s seemed to drift from one crush on an unavailable man (Billy) after another (Rey).

None of this is the stock and trade of a supervillain, of course. That will come later — and, we suspect, sooner. Chelsea is at such loose ends, we could easily see her snapping, perhaps going full-on Fatal Attraction with Billy or even transferring her affections to yet another unattainable guy (Chance).

Billy Chelsea kiss Y^R

A New Beginning… Ended

Connor’s mom has come a long way since her days as a con artist, but let’s be real: She’s never exactly been a portrait of stability. And it wasn’t that long ago that she attempted to frame Adam for poisoning Rey. So it doesn’t take much of a stretch of the imagination to envision her digging into her bag of tricks to break up Lily or Abby’s relationship to claim one of their men as her own.

If her crush doesn’t return her feelings, Chelsea could go the Lisa Mansfield route. (Remember the cage in which she kept Brad Carlton?) Or she could pull a full-on Isabella Brana. (You may recall that she tried to permanently eliminate her competition for Paul Williams.) “It’s so obvious [Chelsea] needs more time with a psychiatrist,” tweets viewer Franchie44. “Instead of trying to cling to every man she talks to, maybe figure it out, Chelsea? Not sure she is ready for the outside world.”

We’re not sure, either. But we like the idea of Melissa Claire Egan getting to loosen a few of Chelsea’s screws and go to town on a truly crazy storyline. (She’s gotten to go nuts before!) Are you “mad” about that idea? En route to the comments, check out the below photo gallery of Chelsea’s life and loves.