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Viewers were left disappointed and disgruntled over the handling of *these* exits.

Fans have been quite vocal about the need for Daytime’s #1 soap to bolster its teen scene — you know, the peeps who put the “young” in The Young and the Restless — which is why the soap’s latest move has left some viewers beyond frustrated…

When Faith turned to alcohol after being bullied and wound up in critical condition after a drinking and driving incident, the scene was set for a turn to the dramatic. The character was aged a tad with the recast of Reylynn Caster, and she even got a new love interest before ever leaving the hospital — another legacy character, Moses Winters.

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Even better, Faith’s life was saved by her black sheep uncle and her mother Sharon’s former lover, Adam, who gave her a kidney. Forging an unlikely relationship between the two was a really cool twist and seemed promising… except nothing ever came of the connection.

Faith became a model citizen afterward, and although her romance with Moses was sweet, it was boring and the teens were not portrayed realistically. They never had much in the way of story aside from worrying about homework and now they’ve gone offscreen, which prompted an outcry from fans who wanted more for the teens:

Viewers were particularly upset about what didn’t happen even while Faith and Moses were on the canvas:

While Faith got “leaving for college scenes” that stretched over days, even they were unrealistic:

Faith shared goodbye scenes with Nick, Sharon, Mariah, Tessa, and even Adam, but sadly, her other sister and brother were nowhere to be seen, nevermind the rest of her family:

Worst of all, perhaps, was that we never saw Faith and Moses together one last time. It was mentioned during one of Faith’s scenes with her family that he was already gone to college.

In fact, fans never got to see Moses at all!

Young & Restless fans, however, remain ever hopeful that the tide will turn and drama will prevail:

Hopefully, Moses and Faith will be back. What’s your take on the way Faith and Moses leaving for college was handled by Young & Restless? Let us know in the comment section.

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